APHSA In The Hands of New Leader

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Anindya Parama Frihanggita and Fauzia Luthfia Nurlaili were elected as Head and Vice of Airlangga Public Health Student Association (APHSA) for 2018/2019 period. (Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – Airlangga Public Health Student Association (APHSA) or HIMA Public Health was officially established on November 29, 2018. Entering new round, a leader figure is needed to bring APHSA to a better round. APHSA leaders are expected to lead members to actualize the work program that has been set.

Anindya Parama Frihanggita and Fauzia Luthfia Nurlaili, Faculty of Public Health students never thought that they would be elected as Head and Vice of APHSA 2018/2019. Initially, Anindya was selected through an electability survey. Then during the student meeting (musma) for APHSA election, Anindya volunteered to be the Head of APHSA. She explained her vision, mission and grand design of APHSA 2019.

Finally, a question and answer session was held with forum participants. It was only after that, the forum held negotiations for the new leader of APHSA.

“My vision is to knit my mind with our contributions to APHSA,” said Anindya.

Deep down, Anindya has the desire to build APHSA with real contributions. Anindya also said that the vision strengthened its mission to establish a committed and qualified APHSA management, harmonize the movements between UNAIR public health students and study programs, and make APHSA a place of self-actualization for UNAIR public health students to implement 8 S.KM competence standards

“In my opinion, the meaning of leader is protecting. It is not to prove who knows best and foremost, but is all about working together to achieve organizational goals, ” she continued.

After the election, the activity continued with vice of APHSA election. Anindya has the prerogative choosing new vice of APHSA, but still with the approval in discussion forum. Anindya dropped her choice on Fauzia Luthfia Nurlaili because she believed Fauzia would carry out her duties well.

“I think leaders are people who have a positive impact on their surroundings with enthusiasm to be useful.” said Fauzia.

Fauzia has a vision to make APHSA, a place for self-actualization for public health students. Thus, students are able to improve their quality and also increase a good relations between students and alumni of the community.

In the end, Fauzia appealed to all members of APHSA to establish relation between all of APHSA member, so all problems that occur can be resolved.

“It is important to eliminate the boundary wall between the APHSA staff and its members in order to create a great family atmosphere,” said Fauzia. (*)

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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