Improving Employer Reputation, UNAIR Holds Alumni Gathering in Malaysia

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The atmosphere of Alumni Gathering in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
The atmosphere of Alumni Gathering in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. (Photo: Jokhanan K.)

UNAIR NEWS – In order to improve the role of alumni to support Universitas Airlangga towards 500 worlds, the university officials held a gathering for alumni working abroad. On this occasion, Saturday, December 29, the gathering to improve Employer Reputation was held in Malaysia.

Thirty-five alumni from various faculties and UNAIR programs gathered since 8 pm local time. The event opened by Junaidi Khotib Ph.D., as the Vice Rector IV of UNAIR ran very friendly and warm.

Their longing for his alma mater was seen when they sang Hymne Airlangga, the alumni who came from and worked in Malaysia asked to play the song again so they could sing along twice.

In this event, most of the alumni were from Faculty of Medicine, 12 people, followed by Faculty of Pharmacy alumni, 6 alumni from various generations. The others were from FISIP with 5 people, FKG with 7 people, and from the rest faculties.

Furthermore, on this occasion, Head of IKA-UA Malaysia, Mr. Lukman Ismail who was also a FISIP alumnus in 1989, expressed his impression. According to him, he gained many meaningful lessons during his studies in UNAIR and Surabaya. He also hoped that UNAIR can achieve their target to be among Top 500 world university ranking in the future.

“We, as UNAIR alumni and members of Malaysian region alumni association expect and believe UNAIR will achieve the best rank and reach the world Top 500. We will develop and improve our alumni network to support UNAIR to reach the best universities in the world, “said the alumnus of Indonesian Literature Department.

The alumni gathering held to improve Employer Reputation is an annual activity agenda and this is the second activity carried out in Malaysia. The number of international students from Malaysia is quite high and the UNAIR alumni contribute greatly to society, from the world of health, social politics and other fields in their home countries.

Author: Jokhanan K.

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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