UNAIR Tuban Students Socializes Campus Life

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Photo SESSION between Airlangga Tuban Student Movement Team (Rawatungga) and several high schools student in Tuban. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Tuban Airlangga Student Movement or better known as Rawatungga created Sapa Negeri work program, better known as Rawatungga Goes to School. The program conducted every year for capturing and directing high school students to continue their education after graduation.

The potential of high school student in Tuban is quite good. However, this potential is not maximal in implementation. Especially for selecting higher education. Therefore, through Rawatungga Goes To School, UNAIR student try to help them in here.

Head of Rawatungga Goes to School Yoga said that the activity will be held on January 2, 2019 until January 29, 2019. The target is to reach 44 schools. Among them, there are around 85 percent of schools located in the suburbs or in villages.

It should be known, 85 percent of schools doesn’t provide information related to campus life. In fact, while doing Goes to School project last year, a lot of student answered that they did not know their plan after graduation.

“Hence, this (Rawatungga Goes to School, ed) can be held due to several factors. One factor is the lack of guidance from schools to direct these children about campus life, ” he said.

“Therefore, by working with schools, we try as much as possible to socialize about campus life to high school student,” he added.

Yoga revealed that Rawatungga Goes to School activity was similar to other Sapa Negeri programs. For example, socializing campus life also question and answer session.

“However, Rawatungga Goes to School has something different. We try to approach high school students personally and group, “he said.

After socializing campus life and opening a question session for high school students, Rawatungga then approached them personally or in groups by talking to them. From this, we can find out about their concerns about after they graduate from high school.

“Last year, many of them told me that they were confused about how to determine their future. In fact, many of them told stories after graduation they would work or get married, “he said.

From this, of course it is necessary to provide socialization regarding to this problem. Particularly, the problem is the importance of continuing high education through college. Including the importance of making an effort to achieve dream.

Based on the personal approach, it is known that many of them want to continue their education but they can’t afford the tuitution. Therefore, Rawatungga provides some information about campus scholarships. One of them is Bidikmisi.

“Rawatungga Goes to School is very important for giving information to high school student to determine their future. Moreover, about campus life.” said Yoga.

“Our goal is inviting high school friends in Tuban to achieve dream giving them information about campus life. By using personal approach, Rawatungga will try to help them.” he added. (*)


Author: M. Baktiyar Prayoga Adihutomo / Feri Fenoria

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