On Mother’s Day, AUBMO Community Service Holds Closing Gathering for Bidikmisi Mengajar

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Ministry of Community Service AUBMO closed Bidik Misi Mengajar. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – In the end of 2018, Ministry of Community Services (Pengmas) Bidik Misi Organization UNAIR (AUBMO) held closing gethering for Bidik Misi Mengajar. The event was held at PPT Yasmin building Larangan Sukolilo attended by trained students from Bidik Misi Mengajar, parents, all of PPT Yasmin administrators and representatives from AUBMO management.

The event was opened with remarks by Hasmiah as Head of PPT Yasmin. Afterwards, the event continued with students and teachers presentation. Moreover, the committee also gave awards to outstanding students in Bidik Misi Mengajar 2018 activity. As a form of appreciation, the committee also gave awards to lecturers and academic staff who had the best contributions.

Ana Septiani, the person in charge of Bidik Misi Mengajar project said the closing gathering of Bidik Misi Mengajar with the theme of Mother’s Day celebration. This is certainly considering the implementation of this year’s closing gathering was held on the same day of National Mother’s Day celebration.

Therefore, students were also asked to write a greeting for their mother. The words written on the colored paper will then be posted near the parents’ attendance table, and it will be read by their parents.

Ana also said, during the program the enthusiasm of the students was extraordinary. Especially when the names of outstanding students were announced by the committee.

“The most memorable memory is when the announcement was made by our junior as outstanding student. The enthusiasm of our junior during the session was very high,” said Ana.

Bidik Misi Mengajar Project itself has been running for three months and has become one of the permanent projectors of Ministry of Community Service AUBMO. Every year, Community Service will recruit new teachers who want to devote themselves to share their knowledge and education of children in Surabaya with AUBMO.

“Bidik Misi Mengajar taught me to be responsible and respect the time. I hope Bidik Misi Mengajar can continue to provide knowledge to our junior and be better in the future, “she concluded.

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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