BEM FISIP UNAIR Supports Peaceful Christmas for Papua

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The action of BEM FISIP held in front of Grahadi Building. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – This end of the semester holiday did not necessarily reduce the enthusiasm and concern of a number of UNAIR students on social issues that are happening in the country. Together with Surabaya youth community, Ministry of Strategic Politics BEM FISIP UNAIR held a “Christmas Peaceful Action for Papua” on Thursday, December 27. The action that took place in front of Grahadi Building was an attempt by young people in Surabaya to respond to the military actions haunted Papuans on Christmas Day.

The elected Head of BEM FISIP UNAIR, Muhammad Risyad Fahlevi said  that the involvement of BEM FISIP UNAIR in the action was reasonable. It is the first step for BEM FISIP 2019 to build a climate of student movement.

“BEM FISIP is there as a supporter of student movement activities and we also want to be active in all social and political problems in Indonesia. In the next few days BEM FISIP will bring up the results of studies on the conflict in Papua itself. This involvement can be used as warming up to create a better climate of movement, “he explained.

Meanwhile the Strategic Politics Minister of BEM FISIP 2019, Elni Nainggolan explained, the action was an initiative of the youth community in Surabaya in response to national issues. The activities are called Aksi Kamisan and it is open to public. Therefore, Elni with two FISIP students and two representatives of BEM Faculty of Vocational Studies were moved to support and join the action.

The action was carried out to denounce and call for peace over the military actions after the shooting carried out by Armed Criminal Group (KKB) to dozens of workers in the bridge project in Nduga Papua.

“There are 7 civilians affected by military operations while there is no action from the government. We then criticize not to conduct military operations in Papua and disturb civilians,” Elni said.

Elni hoped that this action will be able to provide awareness in the community to participate and support, so Papuans can celebrate Christmas peacefully and demand Government efforts to immediately resolve the conflict.

“Students should not be alienated from the conflicts that occur in Papua at this moment. Why does BEM FISIP take part in this action, because even if it is on holiday, there is no day-off for struggle and movement. BEM FISIP as the breath of the student movement must continue to be alight, “he concluded.

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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