Meaning of Mother’s Day for Knights of Airlangga

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UNAIR NEWS – Mother is someone who has given everything for every child. Being in the womb for nine months, being cared for, and being raised in the arms of a mother makes every child loves their mother. Mother’s Day, on December 22, is the right moment for everyone to recall great services of a mother.

The demand for knowledge reduces time spent with a mother, especially students who are far away from home. UNAIR has asked some students on the meaning of Mother’s Day to them.

– Indri Lestari, 2018 Pharmacy student

“Mother’s Day is the same as usual, because I think every day is Mother’s Day. But Mother’s Day on December 22 is commemorated to remind us the role of a mother for us. In the first year of my studies Mother’s Day made it quite difficult to be far away from my mother. But this is a motivation for me to be more passionate about seeking knowledge. ”

– Sandi Prabowo, 2018 Accounting student

“In Indonesia, December 22 is designated as Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day for me is one of the best moments for every child in the whole world to show our gratitude to mother who always devotes so much love since we were little, even since we were still in the womb. With this Mother’s Day, I hope we do not just remember mom every December 22nd. It’s not fair, with so many things that Mother has given us, we only remember them this one day. Every day is Mother Day. We must always remember and devote our life for her. Live far away from home, you will appreciate every second of your time at home. That is what I feel, I still haven’t given the best for my mother, to serve well. For you who can still hear your mothers’ soft voices, devote your life and love her, make her smile, before everything is too late.”

– Luthfi Nurwidianti, 2017 Nursing student

” I think Mother’s Day actually doesn’t exist. At the moment I am far from my mother, so the day when I meet my mother is a special day for me, because of the long distance. But this gives me a lesson on how valuable time is with family. ”

– Herlina Rosa Deswanti, Mathematics 2018 student

“For some people that date is a precious day, including for me, given the struggle of a mother who cares for and cares for her child with love. Because for children like me today is mother’s day, but for mothers every day is children’s day. During the first year of college away from my mother, it was difficult at first, and it is difficult now. Because basically the first one who prepared all my needs was mother, but now I have to learn to prepare everything myself. But I cannot do all these without the encouragement that my mother gives me every day. ”

– Seruni Lesmi Putri, Information and Library Science student

“In my opinion every day is Mother’s Day, not only on the 22nd when I have to try to make her happy. I always miss and hope that someday I can meet my mother again because I haven’t had the chance to make her happy and smile. ”

– Dwi Puji Astuti, 2018 Veterinary student

“What is the meaning of Mother’s Day? In my personal opinion, mother’s day is an appreciation for the services of mothers who have given birth to us, educated us, built our characters. Mothers are like teachers, unsung heroes in my opinion. It is quiet, being far away from my mother. Nobody wakes up every morning, prepares a super delicious breakfast, reminds us anything when we feel relaxed. Anyway, she is always special. But I know, she is always there in the prayers. I am also sure that mother must miss her son who is far away too. It is undeniable that every week I make a video call or telephone for positive energy supply. If I talk to mom, I always have the energy and it reminded me to survive and fight here.”

Author: M. Najib Rahman


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