The New Garuda Sakti Management UNAIR Targeted to be on Top 3 for 32nd PIMNAS

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AFIFUDIN Al-Anshori (center), Head of Garuda Sakti 2019 with members. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The consensus meeting of Garuda Sakti members appointed Akhmad Afifudin Al-Anshori to be Head of the organization in next period. A student from Faculty Veterinary Medicine (FKH) batch 2016 was chosen to be Head of Garuda Sakti Autonomy Body UNAIR on Tuesday 18 December.

The new head of organization marked as a start of Garuda Sakti new round in PIMNAS (National Scientific Week) and MAWAPRES (outstanding students) UNAIR to a new stage. As elected head of organization, familiarly called Afif – Akhmad Afifudin – in charge to increase the number of PKM by UNAIR students to pass and be funded by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti).

According to Afif, his team will conduct a rigorous selection of every proposal that falls within the university’s internal scope. In addition, we will guide them until uploaded in simbelmawa that is one of the breakthroughs that Afif and his team will strengthen.

“Moreover, all proposals that are declared to pass the university stage will be monitored and consolidated with all administrative requirements. Also, important points in the substance of each field of PKM by UNAIR reviewer lecturers, “Afif added.

Until now, PKM UNAIR still has several obstacles in 2018. There has been a decrease in the number of PKM proposals that have been successfully funded by Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education.

With that being said, it would have an effect on the number of UNAIR contingents who entered the PIMNAS. So, the chances of becoming a winner are still low.

However, efforts, prayers, enthusiasm, guidance, and inter-contingent cooperation with the reviewer lecturers were maximized. As a result, even though it only brought a few contingents in PIMNAS 31, UNAIR still entered the top 10.

“The role that will be carried out by new management of Garuda Sakti 2019 will be more uplifting and resilient in guarding a series of PKM and Mawapres events,” he said.

“So, this can actualize UNAIR target to be on the Top 3 for the upcoming 32nd PIMNAS,” Afif added.

All of efforts were carried out to synergize all members in order to achieve the same vision or purpose. We have to selective in choosing a new head of organization. Especially in bringing the same purpose to contribute in helping UNAIR to become PIMNAS winner.

“It will be a motivation for all of members to work together with the same purpose” he concluded. (*)


Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Ferri Fenoria

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