End of Year Holiday Tips from UNAIR Tourism Students

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Illustration: www.keyshotels.com

UNAIR NEWS – According to Law No. 10 of 2009, Tourism shall mean many types of tour activities and supported by many facilities and services provided by the community, businessmen, Government, and Regional Government. The odd semester break that coincidence with 2019 New Year celebration is an opportunity for Universitas Airlangga students and others to enjoy the end of year holiday from their college life.

Being overseas students outside Surabaya, returning home is one way to enjoy a end of year holiday with zero budget. However, we can still enjoy a new atmosphere far from college. Then, what about local Surabaya students who wants to enjoy end of year holiday with small budget? In addition, UNAIR NEWS team guided by Tourism students made low-budget tips for end of year holiday.

First, if you are intended to cut your vacation budget from the start, set a commitment from beginning. The purpose is not to run out of money while you are in your holiday break.

Second, make an itinerary or travel plan when you are planning for a trip. Itinerary is needed for your travel agenda. The itinerary includes a list of destinations, schedules per day, accommodation, transportation and souvenirs.

Next, find a cheap hostelry. Furthermore, there will be a lot of variation prices according to its facilities. Choose for the most important facilities. This is only optional option, it will be better if you have friends that close to tourist destinations, thus it will reduce your expenses in hostelry.

“One of the thing that you can’t cut for its budget is transportation. So we should search for the cheapest and safest transportation options to arrive on your destination place,” said Anggie, D3 Tourism student UNAIR.

According to Anggie, the easiest thing that you can cut from your budget is food. Before traveling, you can bring your own food from home to reduce the cost of buying food. We should also pay attention to entrance ticket price for each tourism place. Because, it cannot be reduced in our early budget.

To be more productive and educative during semester break, Anggie advised us to choose tourism place such as agro tourism, Kampung Cokelat Blitar; Kebun Pak Budi Pasuruan, or Agrokusuma Batu, as your tourist destination choice. Enjoy the end of year break Airlangga Knights all across Indonesia…


Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Ferri Fenoria

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