FKp UNAIR Encourages Kampung Pelangi Community in Kendang Sari to Manage Waste

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Nursing UNAIR in a greening event
Lecturers of UNAIR Faculty of Nursing present the seedlings to residents of RT 03 Kendang Sari. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Nursing (FKp) 2015 students encouraged the people of Kampung Pelangi Kendang Sari to manage waste through a Waste Bank. The invitation was realized by FKp students through Community IV lecture themed “Waste Management: Waste Bank and Environment Greening”.

The activity which was part of the project based learning (PJBL) method-based lecture was carried out by students at Kendang Sari RT 3, RW 4, Surabaya. It was carried out twice, on Sunday (9/12) and Sunday (12/16).

The area is a community service area for lecturers from FKp UNAIR’s Department of Mental and Community Nursing, which is currently referred as “Kampung Pelangi”. The implementation of the activity was based on the facts of the problem of the large amount of waste and the lack of greening of the environment in the region.

Therefore, students, lecturers, and the surrounding community work together to change Kampung Pelangi to be more beautiful. The area has a large amount of unprocessed waste, both organic and inorganic waste.

“We collaborated with Surabaya Waste Bank to manage the waste. We also held counseling on Sunday 9 December 2018 to PKK members in Kendang Sari. We hope there will be waste bank activists, “explained Eri Retno, FKp UNAIR student.

The community was also taught on how to use organic waste especially household waste to be used as organic fertilizer through composter barrel. On the other hand, organic waste is sorted and sold in waste bank.

This method is very effective in reducing the volume of waste in the area. The residents were very enthusiastic about the program. Participants asked a lot during counseling.

The following day, Sunday, December 16, there was a planting event in collaboration with Surabaya Sanitation and Open Green Space to get ornamental plants, fertilizers, and composter vats. Before the event began, students and lecturers presented the plants, compost and barrel to the Head of RT 3 Kendang Sari. Then, the community plant the seedlings together.

“Hopefully this activity can be useful and Kampung Pelangi can truly be realized. Not only the contents are colorful, but the environment is also green and free from waste problem, “he concluded. (*)


Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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