Sharpening Student Capabilities, Photography Activity Unit Holds Exhibition Vol.1

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DISPLAY of Airlangga Photography Society Vol. 1 Exhibition at Omah Jaman Now, Jl. Bali No 24, Surabaya, on Wednesday-Friday (12-14 December). (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Activity Unit (UKM) Airlangga Photography Society (APS) invited students and public visitor to develop characters in photography realm. Precisely, in the event held at Omah Jaman Now, Jl. Bali No 24, Surabaya, on Wednesday-Friday (12-14 December).

Universitas Airlangga as one of the best campuses in Indonesia has the responsibility of preparing graduates with various abilities. One of them is through the development of talent, especially in photography realm, through activities such as Image Volume Fest 1. UNAIR as a world class university continues to strengthen student talent development with this kind of activities.

This annual activity was opened for public visitor and everyone allowed to join UNAIR exhibition.

The purpose was for creator to sharpen their ability in art through photography and be more responsive. Especially, through the many suggestions and criticisms given by visitors to the exhibition.

In addition, the event was also an event to showcase student activity unit (UKM) Photography to public visitor that all of the student are from a variety of different backgrounds. Including as an effort to introduce UKM APS identity which was established since 1996.

In the event, there was also sharing session and collaboration between parties. “In sharing session with the theme of ‘Bulding Your Own Character on Commercial Photography’, there was a representative from @royalstory.picture, Tian Eka Budi. He is the keynote speaker, “said Head of Imaji Fest Volume 1, Najibullah Ulul Albab.

On that occasion, Tian Eka shared character development in the world of commercial photography. Tian said that a photographer should be innovative especially to fulfill what the society needs.

“So, photographer can fulfill the market demand,” said Tian.

In the end, Najibullah wanted everyone to be more active in the future collaboration. Particularly, with creative industries.

“Because, with this collaboration (with several parties, including creative industries, ed), the movement will be bigger in photography realm.” he concluded. (*)


Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Ferry Fenoria

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