With Mothers’ Blessing, Islamic Economics Team won 1st place in Quiz Olympiad

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Islamic Economics Team
THREE students of Islamic Economics, from the right: Sholikhudin Alawy, Irma F. Hikmah, and Iqbal Rifqi. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – ISEF (Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival) is the largest and foremost sharia economic and financial event in Indonesia integrating the development of financial sector with the real sector economy.  Islamic Economics students also attended and participated in various competitions held by Bank Indonesia such as OCCEI (Quiz Olympiad of Islamic Economics) on Wednesday, December 13.

Islamic Economics students have a high interest in the competition. OCCEI has become a subscription for students to hone their skills. Universitas Airlangga through its Islamic economics program sent three students to demonstrate their capabilities so far. They are Sholikhudin Alawy (2017), Irma F. Hikmah (2016), and Iqbal Rifqi (2015).

To UNAIR NEWS, Irma explained that OCCEI was attended by all universities throughout East Java. However, the participants were only limited to 27 teams.

“A lot of teams interested. First in first participates, ” she said.

Even though only 27 teams were taken, UNAIR team could still get a chance to participate. In a sudden development, only a few hours before registration is closed.

“We felt the tension and hesitance in OCCEI competition. We pray a lot to Allah SWT, ” she said.

Inevitably, that doubt continues to haunt the team as if there is no time to study and they lacked preparations because there was final exam so the members focused on exams that drained their energy and mind.

With all these doubts, Irma stressed that there was one of the oldest siblings gave an advice. “Keep praying. And before the competition begins, take your time to call your mother and ask her blessings, “said Irma about the advice.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to the blessing mother, we got a surprise and won first place for our beloved Alma mater,” said Irma as the team leader.


Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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