D3 Nursing Prepares Competent Nurse Graduates with BTCLS Training

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BTCLS training in Gresik and Lamongan on (13-16 December) and (22-25 November). (Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – D3 Nursing Study Program, Faculty of Vocational Studies Universitas Airlangga is responsible to prepare their nurse graduate with competency-appropriate skills in national, regional and international. To achieve that goal, D3 Nursing Study Program carried out various efforts such as conducting training.

As we know, nurses will certainly not be separated from emergency material. This is because the certification of emergency skills is considered to be an absolute requirement for nurses.

Emergency case is a life threat that requires rapid, precise, accurate and continuous handling starting pre-hospital also in health care facilities. Nurse as a team and health care providers is responsible for serving patients in humanistic and socially approach.

With this background, D3 Nursing Study Program Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR Gresik and Lamongan conducted Basic Trauma Cardiac Life Support (BTCLS) Training at Campus in Lamongan on 22-25 November and Campus in Gresik on 13-16 December.

BTCLS training is an activity that aims to improve knowledge and skills for nurse graduate on trauma and cardiac arrest (prospective cardiac arrest). The activity was attended by D3 nursing students from each region. In total, 114 people attended the training in Lamongan and 81 people in Gresik. The committee came from FKp, D3 nursing study programs, and tim 118.

“As a human being, we have to be kind and help each others.” Nurse have an obligation to save people lives in a professional manner while maintaining a humanistic, altruistic, compassionate approach, and paying attention to legal aspect ethics in emergency nursing,” explained Prof. Dr. H. Nursalam, M. Nurs. (Hons), Dean of FKp.

The material includes legal emergency ethics, the role higher education of nursing to improve student competence in ​​emergency nursing area, the role of nurses in emergency nursing area, BTCLS education policy, snake bite, head trauma and SCI, and many more.

We hoped after training, participants can improve their insight in handling emergency cases as an effort to save lives and disability that might occur.

“In addition, this training is a contribution from D3 nursing study program, Faculty of Vocational Studies towards 500 World Class University,” concluded Prof. Nursalam. (*)

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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