Alumni Gathering, Vice Rector IV: Your 7 Minutes Very Meaningful for Alma mater

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Vice Rector IV UNAIR at Alumni Gathering in Jakarta
UNAIR Vice Rector IV Junaidi Khotib Ph.D., speaks in front of dozens of alumni in Jakarta. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – Various policies and breakthroughs to be among Top world 500 campus are made by the academics of Universitas Airlangga. This time, the effort was realized in the event “UNAIR Vote Gathering for Employer Reputation Improvement Towards 500 World Class University”.

Being held at Manhattan Hotel Jakarta on Saturday, December 15, the event was attended by dozens of alumni from various fields to discuss the role of alumni in supporting and accelerating UNAIR’s efforts to be among Top 500 world universities.

Representing Rector, Vice Rector IV Junaidi Khotib Ph.D., in his remarks said that the gathering event involving alumni is conducted by all UNAIR leaders and various parties in various regions.

“It is held to provide an overview to all alumni on UNAIR steps to reach Top 500 of the World. The reason, alumni also have important role to support UNAIR’s steps to be among top universities in the world, “he explained.

The steps taken by the alumni, he explained, can be done by giving a vote for UNAIR via e-mail sent by QS WUR as a ranking institution followed by UNAIR.

“Voting for UNAIR does not require a long time. Only about seven minutes, but that is very meaningful in supporting the alma mater in the future, “he said.

He also explained that UNAIR alumni vote for UNAIR can be done by replying to an e-mail from QS WUR. The effort, he said, weighs 10% in the QS WUR ranking method.

“Even though it is only 10%, it really helps in giving additional value points for UNAIR’s assessment,” he added.

Junaidi also said that currently, UNAIR is still in the position of 751 in the world. With Employer Reputation as one indicator that can be played by alumni, , it is currently in the 501th position of the world.

“One more step, the points from alumni are an important part to reach 500 world. Therefore, let us play an active role together as alumni in achieving UNAIR in Top 500 World, “he said.

In the end, Junaidi reiterated that the effort made to achieve Top 500 world was part of an effort to increase public trust in UNAIR’s quality and the quality of UNAIR graduates.

“If our global reputation is good, the public will not hesitate to make UNAIR graduates as part of changes in various agencies,” he concluded.


Author: Nuri Hermawan


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