Three Students Joins UNAIR International Summit in Pakistan

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THREE UNAIR Delegations, Abidah Alfi (FST 2015), Muhammad Zaib Athoullah (FEB 2015), and Ferisya Kusuma Sari (FST 2015). (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga encourages its students to be active in various academic and non-academic activities, both nationally and internationally. In addition to improve student’s abilities, it is part of the university’s quality improvement program through Student Exchange, Student Outbound and Summit. Recently, there was an international summit in Pakistan and three UNAIR student attended the event.

There were three students from Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) attended the activity called International Youth Summit on 26 November – 3 December 2018. Located in Lahore, Pakistan for more than a week.

The three students were Muhammad Zaib Athoullah (FEB 2015); Ferisya Kusuma Sari (2015 FST); and Abidah Alfi (2015 FST). This opportunity was the first experience for them to visit Pakistan which had become independent from Indian-British Empire in 1947.

Regarding to International Summit, Zaib Atha said that the event was very helpful for students to develop their potential and get out of their comfort zone. Particularly, opening insight to see new perspectives on social problems. In the end, this ability gives students a lot of choices and wiser in making decisions.

In addition, International Summit in Pakistan added new experience of three students in terms of discussion or international level cooperation. Including, becoming as the starting point to build connection, even for long term.

“Maybe we only have one chance in a lifetime. Definitely, there was something special and unique, ” said Zaib.

“Moreover, we had an opportunity to meet Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and went to Pakistan Parliament office then we witnessed flag-dropping ceremony in the border of Pakistan and India. Furthermore, we also visited historical monuments in Lahore, Pakistan.” he added.

Like a proverb “Kill two bird with one stone”, all of three student tried to take lesson from this event.

“Learning on new various perspectives. Especially, discussing various issues, “he said.

“In International Summit, there were three main discussions: Peace, Culture, and Inclusive Society,” he added.

Zaib explained, peace issues always related Human Rights (HAM) on national or international realm which can lead into separation. Therefore, in the summit, youth are invited to become agents of change to spread peace from various opinions based on tolerance.

In culture issues, youth is expected to be a pioneer in cultural tolerance. Lastly, Inclusive Society, youth have to be respectful towards each other. Especially in tribe, religion, and culture.

“As a student, we should take advantage in any opportunity, by visiting national and international discussion.” he said. (*)

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Ferry Fenoria Rifa’i

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