UNAIR Holds Another Workshop for Mandarin Teachers

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Mandarin Chinese Teacher Training Workshop UNAIR
Mandarin Chinese Teacher Training Workshop held at UNAIR Management Office building, Campus C on December 7. It was held to improve proficiency of Mandarin teachers in using and teaching the language. (Photo: Feri Fenoria)

UNAIR NEWS – Another program to improve student outbound to Asian region, especially Taiwan was held by Airlangga University.  Mandarin Chinese Teacher Training Workshop was held to strengthen language mastery for students planning to continue their education to Taiwan.

It was the second workshop, after the first one held in January. The program held by UNAIR through the Indonesian-Taiwan Education Center office for Surabaya in UNAIR this time targeted Chinese language teachers in East Java and its surroundings.

The Manager of Indonesia Taiwan Education Center in Surabaya Dewi Sartika, M.Ed., said that this workshop was intended as part of improving Chinese language competencies that was adapted to Taiwan curriculum. In the end, the workshop was intended to support UNAIR language center, especially for Chinese teaching resources.

“So, for our language center, it is the second training. The language center, from the first training has produced teachers to teach Mandarin in UNAIR Language Center. And it was the first in Surabaya, “he said.

“We (workshop , ed) are collaborating with Asia University, Taiwan, and Nanyang Tecnological University (NTU) Singapore as speakers with Prof. Liu May, a professor at Asia University, Taiwan, and Asst Prof. Shiao-Yuh Chou, lecturer (2nd grade) of the Singapore Center for Chinese Language, Nanyang Technological University, “he added.

According to Dewi, the workshop was held for three days, from Friday to Sunday (7-8 December) in the Plenary Session Room, 3rd Floor, Management Office Building Campus C. The material for the Mandarin language teachers was emphasized on language teaching methodologies using technology features. It was intended as a response to the rapid technological developments.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector III UNAIR Moch. Amin Alamsjah Prof. Ir. M.Si., Ph.D., in his remarks welcomed the workshop  for the teachers of the Chinese language positively as it can improve the ability and mastery of Mandarin Language and teaching to students as well as a form of UNAIR service.

“Hopefully, there will be more people mastering Chinese language, especially with Taiwan curriculum,” he said.

Prof. Amin added, mastery is very important because, in the future Mandari will be very important for Indonesian citizens as investments from China and Taiwan in Indonesia are rising.

“Many of these foreign investments from the East also include skilled workers from there. Interaction and communication with them required us to learn Mandarin,” he added.

Prof. Amin sees the extraordinary development of Taiwan. Many universities in Taiwan have collaborated with UNAIR.

“Therefore, we welcome and even facilitate Indonesia-Taiwan Education Center. Hopefully, there will be more students studying in Taiwan and they get supports for it,” he said. (*)


Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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