Uplifting UNAIR’s Name in International, Dewi Becomes FST Best Graduate

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Dia Kurnia Dewi graduated with best graduate in FST. (Illustration Photo: Ferry Fenoria Rifai)

UNAIR NEWS – Coming from a small village in Lamongan, graduated from Islamic boarding school does not make Dia Kurnia Dewi feels insecure to addapt her life in college. However, Dia started feeling insecure when she saw outstanding student on podium.

“From that moment on, I promised to myself that I should focus on my studies then one day I have to be a part of Airlangga Knight and uplift UNAIR’s name” explained Dewi, a biology student who managed to become an outstanding graduate from Faculty of Science and Technology.


Dewi graduated from UNAIR with GPA of 3,37 and SKP 1.397. All of her hard work paid off with a several achievement. Since her freshman year, Dewi has participated in various organizations and competitions.


Dewi has achieved several achievements. In 2016 she became a finalist of Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) National SELF Udayana, Universitas Udayana; third runner up winner MTQM Regional, Fahmil Quran Universitas Trunojoyo; and second place winner in Archipelago Essay Competition Universitas Pattimura.


In 2017 Dewi managed to become a finalist at LKTI MIPA Open and Exposition Universitas Negeri Makassar, finalist in Call for Paper LOGIC Universitas Indonesia, third place winner in National MTQM Fahmil Quran, Universitas Negeri Malang – Universitas Brawijaya, and won a silver medal at World Young Inventor and Exhibition in Malaysia.


Furthermore, in 2018 Dewi won Gold Award on International Invention and Innovative Competition in Malaysia.


“For me, the most impressive achievement was when I became the third winner place of Fahmil Quran branch in National Student MTQ also when I joined World Young Inventor and Exhibition which led me and my team to get silver medal,” said Dewi.


After completing her bachelor degree, Dewi wants to work and participate in volunteer activities in her spare time in the future. Dewi felt obliged to be involved in community service because during her time in college she was one of the student who got Bidikmisi scholarship. (*)


Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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