Transfer Student in English Literature Introduces American Culture on Poster Exhibition

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STUDENTS participating in American Poster Exhibition. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Being a literature student does not only learn about literature. This was one of the activities that showed by English Literature student, Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga. Its existence is inseparable from studying various cultures, both local and international.

As a program study that focuses on English skill, student also learned about English-speaking countries culture. Including deepening critical thinking skill in several cultural phenomena in the world.

The theme was “De Trump’s American”, she showcased her ability in analyzing American culture. Precisely, analyzing about the 45th president of United States.

The exhibition located in FIB Lobby UNAIR on Tuesday 4 December, there were at least six topics about American culture that were successfully presented nicely. These topics include American Cultural Life, Multilingual America, Immigration, Minorities, Education, and Media. Besides, all of visitor could discuss directly with the group according to the topics that they were interested in.

According to Titien Diah Soelistyarini, M.Si., lecturer in PJMK (the person in charge of curicullum) American Studies FIB UNAIR, exhibiton was one of the efforts to build student soft skills and hard skills. Besides, it also can be used as an indicator in completing the courses that they took.

“Thus, it also can be a promotion for public visitor that UNAIR students learned about international culture. Learning in here means that students are capable of analyzing various cultural phenomena that exist in the world, “she said.

In direct proportion to Titien’s statement, exhibition participant Romiana said this such activities became a part of branding effort among students particulary for public community. Besides it also a perfect moment for transfer student to show their abbility in critical skill in analyzing.

“I was a form for student to implement the values of practitioners and academics by holding this event,” added English Literature student batch 2017.

Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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