UNAIR Educates Shares Donations in Campus

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Yuk Donasi Saham" Seminar UNAIR
ATMOSPHERE of "Yuk Donasi Saham" Seminar held by UNAIR Master of Management class MM-50A students as an effort to advance Indonesian Capital Market and introduce Universitas Airlangga Center for Social Fund Management (PUSPAS) to students and alumni on Wednesday, November 28 in Fadjar Notonegoro Hall, 3rd floor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Campus B UNAIR. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Speaking of investment, capital market in Indonesia exists as an alternative investment forum for the people of Indonesia. However, there are still some things that hinder the Indonesian people from investing in the capital market. One of them is the perception that investing requires a large amount of funds and can only be done by middle and upper class people.

In line with the spirit of advancing Indonesian Capital Market and introducing the Universitas Airlangga  Center for Social Fund Management (PUSPAS) to students and alumni, UNAIR Master of Management MM-50A students hold a “Yuk Donasi Saham (Let’s Donate Shares) Seminar, on Wednesday (28/11) at Fadjar Hall Notonegoro, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Campus B UNAIR.

Dr. Wisudanto, SE., MM., CFP, said that fundraising in the form of shares was chosen so that the funds collected would not be idle funds With long-term expectations, funds managed by PUSPAS for education (scholarships, student exchange, and soft skill development ), research and development activities, infrastructure development, and social activities in UNAIR have added value. Both for PUSPAS, university and the general public.

Why should you invest?

Head of the East Java IDX Office Dewi Sriana Rihantyasni SE., MM explained that investment must be done. Because, it is a protection against inflation fluctuations, such as protecting wealth, increasing the value of future wealth, and anticipating future uncertainties in income.

Dewi asserted, investing in shares in the capital market has its own benefits in the form of capital gain, the profit from the difference in selling price and purchase price. Then, corporate action, consisting of dividends , bonus shares, stock split, buy back , and right issue. Then, GMS , invited to the general meeting of shareholders.

“So, we work with universities so that IDX can introduce the world of capital markets in UNAIR. Just like KSPM (Capital Market Study Group), ” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. H. Leo Herlambang, SE., MM added that the formation of stock prices in the Indonesian capital market is the same as the mechanism for the formation of prices of goods and services in conventional markets in general. Especially, which is caused by demand and supply.

It turns out that buying and selling shares in the capital market is the same as buying and selling in traditional markets. There are goods, there are sellers, there are buyers, and there is a price agreement. So, he hopes that in buying shares, try the products that are used every day.

“Investing in the shares is safe. The stock is not gambling. And, the shares are not expensive starting with 50k. So, prepare yourself in this millennial era to become an investor to become a shareholder, “he said firmly. (*)


Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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