UNAIR Banyuwangi Students Socializes Papaya Seeds Coffee

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The matterial was given by Cooperation Representative and UMKM Friday, 23 November. (Photo: Rhanty Saffanah Dewi)

UNAIR NEWS – Freshman students succesfully held socialization event for their papaya product to local farmer on 28 November, Accounting study program at UNAIR Banyuwangi campus continued to socialize their products through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The socialization event was given to local farmers in Desa Macan Putih, Kabat, Banyuwangi on Friday, 23 November located at the Desa Macan Putih.

Carrying the theme ‘Increasing Local Potential Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0’, the community service event were carried out in stages.

At first, the event was only for freshman students. Considered as a good potential, Accounting study program in Banyuwangi provides full support for advanced coaching activities by involving lecturers and students in the third and fifth semester.

Fakhri Muhammad Fajar, Head executive of this event, said that the target was not only farmer groups, but also women in PKK as product marketers also head of village as the person in charge in there.

The material that presented in the event was about micro-enterprises by Cooperation and UMKM Banyuwangi Regency also the process of making papaya seeds for coffe by Accounting study program students.

“The target is creating micro-enterprises that managed by communities in village,” said the student who is familiarly called Fakhri.

Fakhri explained, the process of making papaya seed coffee begins by cleaning papaya seeds with water. Then, the seeds must be dried in the sun all day. When it is dry, the seed should be roasted with rice mixture until the color turned into brown.

Then cool it down for a while, after that grind the coffee, and last papaya seeds coffe are ready to be brewed.

The product contains of papaya seeds includes palmitic, stearic, unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, carpaine, and benzilisotiosinat.

“The benefits of papaya seed coffee itself can minimize the risk of liver disorders, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension,” added the student from Kebumen.

Fakhri hoped that all of Desa Macan Putih community continues to produce papaya seed coffee and market their products independently or through UMKM.

Independent product marketing can be done starting with their first production. While, marketing through UMKM will be assisted by Banyuwangi Regency cooperation and UMKM services. (*)


Author: Siti Mufaidah

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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