Tips for Passing YSEALI-Academic Fellowship from the Alumni

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REno Albra UNAIR
RENO Albra holds a certificate after completing YSEALI program for 5 weeks in United States. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – On every success, someone certainly has a story behind it. After telling his experience on joining Young South East Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) program, Academic Fellowship-Economic Development. Reno Albra gave some tips to pass YSEALI-Academic Fellowship.

Reno explained, the program was initiated by President Barack Obama to establish relations with ASEAN region. It was a competitive program, from 1000 registrants, only 8 registrants qualified. In addition, there were only 8 seats in YSEALI program for registrants from Aceh to Papua.

“In YSEALI program, there were a lot of people with variety of educational backgrounds. There was a Master student as well, so that’s why registrant experience cannot be underestimated.” explained Reno.

There were three stages to receive this full scholarship program such as: administrative screening, essays writing, and in-depth interview. In the administrative screening stage, participants have to answer some question related to biodata, attraction, and essay.

“In the interview stage, some of the participants use videos, but each year, it can be different. They will be interviewed directly with United States Consul General or Embassy,” said Reno.

In his interview, Reno revealed that the Interviewer asked his experience and his long-term plan. So, it will be hard for people who are not visionary.

He claimed that he tried five times since he was a freshmen. Although after he failed 4 times, he kept trying and still confident.

“I am sure that God always hear my prayer. So I tried again and then I got accepted, “said Head of Director Lingkar Energi Community Batch 2.

Reno explained that going to America was not his goal. He saw that USA as one of the step to pursue his big dream.

A little message from Reno for other Airlangga Knights. A lot of student wants to go abroad. Only a few of them know why they have to go abroad. You have to set a big picture in life then start to find a way to reach it.

“Maybe, going abroad is one of the step to achieve your dream. But first, you should have a reason.” said Reno in the end of conversation. (*)



Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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