Maintaining Local Cultural Art Heritage Through ASEAN

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Dance Participants in ASEAN event (Airlangga Arts and Culture) on Friday, 23 November (Photo: Committee).

UNAIR NEWS – In order to maintain local cultural heritage, arts and sports department of PSDKU UNAIR Student Family in Banyuwangi organized ASEAN activities (Airlangga Arts and Culture). This activity was aimed for young generation in Banyuwangi on Friday 23 November at Multi-purpose hall PSDKU, UNAIR Campus Sobo in Banyuwangi.

A.A Gde Satia Utama as coordinating secretary of PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwang, said that the form of self-actualization of younger generation should not only stagnate in academic field. Non-academic fields such as arts and culture are also important.

“A lot of parents tend to direct their children to be great in academic without seeing another field (non-academic, ed) that might be more potential,” he continued.

The series of ASEAN activities included a photography competition themed ‘Majestic of Banyuwangi’ for public, drawing competition with ‘barong’ theme for PAUD and kindergarten students, drawing and coloring competitions with ‘seblang’ theme for grade 2 elementary school students.

There was a dance competition themed ‘Banyuwangi Creative Dance ‘for general participants. In addition, there was also Osing songs karaoke competition for public starting from the age of 15-22 years.

“Organizing arts and cultural events is a bold step for KM organization and should be appreciated,” the man who familiarly called Agung.

Meanwhile, Lilik K. Romadhoni, Head Executive of this activity explained that ASEAN is an event in the field of arts and culture organized by KM PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi.

“We hoped that ASEAN can become a place to appreciate talented young people in arts and culture field” said Lilik.

“Through ASEAN, we are trying to explore the affection side of younger generation in Banyuwangi for regional culture,” she added.

ASEAN succeeded in getting participants from several sub-districts in Banyuwangi Regency. The participants of this activity were very enthusiastic. In the end of this event, winners were announced and given a number of prizes and trophies. (*)

Author: Siti Mufaidah

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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