UNAIR Sends Staff Outbound to Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

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Staff Outbound
The atmosphere of UNAIR Outbound Staff discussion with Chulalongkorn University Thailand. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – Various policies and strategies to be one of the Top 500 world class universities are continuously carried out by the entire academic community of Universitas Airlangga. Started from lecturers, students, to educational staff.

This time, several steps and strategies carried out by UNAIR staff who are members of exchange staff program or often called outbound staff. The program, which was conducted at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, lasts for almost a week from Monday, 26 November to Friday, 30 November.

In addition, on behalf of Directorate of Human Resources, Fadli Amma, ST., MT., in his remarks said that the program was indeed necessary. Moreover, this program is also designed for them to gain provisions and insights. Participants or educational staff will also learn more about Chulalongkorn University environment and workplace.

“In fact, they will learn more about different pattern of life style from the country that they visited. We hoped that in the future all of this new insights that have been obtained can be developed in UNAIR,” he explained.

Seluruh peserta staf outbond dengan pihak Chulalongkorn University usai diskusi. (Foto: Nuri Hermawan)
All outbound staff participants with Chulalongkorn University’s staff. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

Meanwhile, Vice Dean III of UNAIR, Faculty of Science and Technology UNAIR, Dr. Nanik Siti Aminah, M.Si., in her statement told UNAIR NEWS shortly before the activity said, this kind of program was indeed necessary. In fact, she added that in the future there must be more various new breakthrough and evaluation for this outbound staff program.

“This can be really useful and give an impact for other staff,” she explained.

Representing Chulalongkorn University, Associate Prof. Dr. Rojana Pornparaksertsuk said that he was very happy with UNAIR staff visit. According to him, by holding discussions and various insights about the policies of each campus, it became a moment for us to improve our university.

“With this program, we know problems that we face and continue with more various breakthrough” he said.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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