UNAIR Students Establish Dermaga Baca on Gili Island, Noko Gresik

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Dermaga Baca UNAIR
The process of making Dermaga Baca by Knight Maritime Project (KMP) committee at SDN 04 Sidogentung Batu, Gili Noko Island, Gresik Regency. (Photo: Pandu Wibisono)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) students who were Ksatria Maritime Project (KMP) member has established Dermaga Baca or a reading house  at SDN 4 Sidogedung Batu, Gili Noko Island, Gresik Regency on Monday-Thursday, 12-15 November. This activity was one of the efforts from UNAIR students to improve education through reading house.

Mohamad Da’i Efendi as Event Coordinator said that this reading house was established as a place for children to read and learn on Gili Noko Island.

The preparation things for this activity were grand design according to geographical conditions, educational facilities such as books, posters, maps and blackboards. Then, getting head of village, head of hamlet, and headmaster approval. After that buying building materials such as wood, asbestos, paint, brushes, and thinners.

Dermaga Baca at SDN 04 Sidogentung Batu, Gili Noko Island, Gresik Regency, which was built by UNAIR students. (Photo: Pandu Wibisono)

“The hardest thing was when we have to buy the material outside this island (Bawean, ed), it cost a lot of money and also it was hard for us to find transportation” explained the UNAIR Law Faculty student.

With this program at SDN 04 Sidogentung Batu, Da’i hoped that children can play and learn in reading house.

The committee and students of SDN Sidogentung Batu 04 studied together at reading house made by students of the Ksatria Maritime Project (Photo: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi)

Timu as the headmaster responded positively to this activities that carried out at SDN 4 Sidogedung Batu 4, Gili Islands. According to him, this activity can be a provision to all of the committee to work and add experience in Gili Island.

“All of you are still young, get more experience as much as you can. if you (commitee, ed) are married, it will be difficult to do this kind of activity,” he ordered. (*)

Reporter: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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