Nusantara Culture Festival in Airlangga Bineka Festival

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UNAIR NEWS – The 64th anniversary of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) celebration is still not over. This time, UNAIR presented cultural festival, Airlangga Bineka Festival (FBA). The event which was held on Saturday, 17 November presenting a variety of art and culture from various region in Indonesia. It was also an event for Regional Student Organization (Ormada) to show the existence and potential of their ​​origins as representation of FBA and the theme for this event is Local Wisdom.

Angga Puspo Adi Negoro as Head of FBA committee said this event was a form of cooperation between BEM UNAIR and Regional Student Forum in UNAIR (Forsida). So far, Ormada still has Autonomous Preparatory Board status. For this reason, Angga hoped this kind of activity will uplift each of Ormada name to get more attention from relevant parties in order to provide organizational legality.

FBA became the biggest local cultural event held for the first time in UNAIR and it became a series of UNAIR Urban Festival Day. Although the event had undergone a change of location several times, Angga was grateful that they got permission to hold the event outside Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) Campus C UNAIR.

He hoped that FBA can be held again in the future. Moreover, it also preserves our culture, this kind of activity also empowers and inspires student awareness of our national cultural diversity.

“What we need to keep in mind is that before we use Garuda as our national emblem of Indonesia, back then Raja Airlangga already used it first. Well, we are Universitas Airlangga, so it fits perfectly with the name of our program, Airlangga Bineka Festival. Meanwhile, the name of Bineka itself was listed in national emblem, garuda (Pancasila, ed), “explained by him, student from statistic major.

The event was opened with the appearance of Regional Representatives accompanied by Fashion Parade, Jember Carnival. Each representative wore traditional clothing custom that contains certain philosophical values.

Not only that, the event was also enlivened by performances from Reog Ponorogo, Barongan, Student Activity Unit (UKM), Ormada representatives, and special guest star from Lobito Phawak and Letto.

In addition, there were also photography competition throughout East Java and Bali, and Ormada booth competitions that promote each regional product and local wisdom. The committee gave two stickers for visitors who were there to rate their favorite photography picture and Ormada booths. (*)


Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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