Lively UNAIR 64th Anniversary in Banyuwangi

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Doorprize winner 64 UNAIR PSDKU
NANIK Ning Rahayu, a UNAIR PSDKU student who was lucky to get a mountain bike at the 64th Anniversary celebration of UNAIR. (Photo: Ragas)

UNAIR NEWS – Celebration of 64th Anniversary of Universitas Airlangga is not only enlivened at Surabaya’s main campus. The academics of UNAIR Off Main Campus Program (PSDKU) in Banyuwangi also celebrated UNAIR’s anniversary.

One of the things that became the main attraction at the UNAIR Anniversary, PSDKU was the door prizes and dozens of other entertaining prizes drawn randomly in the midst of a series of internal activities on Sunday, November 18. Because UNAIR attending students did not need to spend money to get lottery coupons. However, each student present was only given one coupon.

“We deliberately did not sell lottery tickets to students. Because, our goal, this door prizes will attract more students to attend the anniversary celebration program on Sunday morning, “said Diah Susi, chairman of 64th Anniversary of UNAIR in Banyuwangi campus.

The expression was not an exaggeration, hundreds of UNAIR students attended a series of events held at Diponegoro Stadium, Banyuwangi.

However, Candra Dwi, one of the UNAIR students in Banyuwangi, revealed that she and her friends attended not for door prize. They even did not know about the door prizes.

“In fact, I just found out, there is a door prize when the attendance was suddenly given a coupon. Yes, I hope I’ll be lucky, ”said one of the FEB students.

After various activities held, from fun walk, traditional competitions between faculties, entertainment performances from UNAIR students, until color run , the time drawing door prizes were expected.

“As usual was the drawing of the main prize certainly in the last. But, for dozens of  door prizes, we have drawn them since morning in between of the events, “Diah added.

The two main prizes prepared by the committee were printer and mountain bike. The drawing was done by Head of Student Family M. Bayu Alfian. Rina Sulistyana, 2016 Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences student got a printer and Nanik Ning Rahayu, 2016 FPK student, got a mountain bike.

To UNAIR NEWS Team on Sunday afternoon, Rina expressed her happiness. The prize, she said, was unexpected.

“Initially, I didn’t believe it, but remained optimistic that I waited until the event was over. Actually I was expecting a mountain bike, but Alhamdulillah I got a printer, I hope this printer can be useful for my thesis later, ” she said.

Almost the same as Rina, Nanik did not expect to get a bicycle. Only, Nanik hoped that UNAIR can reflect and be better in the future.

“Hopefully UNAIR will be better. Especially UNAIR in Banyuwangi. Hopefully all aspects in UNAIR improve, from HR to facilities, Aamiin, ” she concluded.


Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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