UNAIR Sends Delegates to AYIMUN Asia 2018

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Several delegates in AYIMUN 2018 from Universitas Airlangga when they finished Cultural Night. (Photo: By Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR students get an opportunity to take a part in Asian International Model United Nations (AYIMUN). Located at Prince Palace Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, the event was held on 3-6 November. One of delegates wasFerisya Kusuma Sari from Biomedical Engineering 2015. When UNAIR NEWS had the opportunity to meet her, Ferisya stated that a lot of UNAIR students joined this event.

“There were several student from UNAIR. So, I met a lot of UNAIR student there. Although, we registered individually, “said Ica or Ferisya Kusuma Sari.

From UNAIR, Ica mentioned several names who participated in AYIMUN, Sayyid M. Quthb, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) 2016; Ahya Adristi Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) 2017; Talia Puspita Adianti Faculty of Nursing (FKp) 2016; Anisa Gita R Faculty of Dental Medicine (FKG) 2015; and Hanifah Ayu Nandasari, alumna of the Faculty of Law (FH) 2013.

Ica said the selection process had two stages. First, web registration, then registration form. Those who are accepted later will get a Letter of Acceptance (LoA).

“In the online form, I have to submit personal identity, experienced activity and essays,” said Ica.

The essay must include a summary that showed reason on why participant must be chosen as a delegate andexplained participant’s skiill and their plan after they got choosen as delegates.

After obtaining the LoA, the delegation will be divided into several councils and country. In AYIMUN, there are several types of councils such as WHO, UNESCO, IMF, IMO, ILO, FAO, LC, and CC. After knowing their council and country, the delegation had to make a positioning paper containing their arguments about an issue regarding their role in which country they had to represent.

1. DELEGASI AYIMUN 2018 ketika sedang membahas isu di meeting session. (Foto: Istimewa)
DELEGATES OF AYIMUN 2018 while discussing issues at meeting sessions. (Photo: By courtesy)

A lot of activities were carried out in meeting session. Such as: AYIMUN, city tour, cultural night and closing ceremony.

“The main activity, session meetings, were conducted by each council on each topic choosen by comit. In beginning, they discussed general issues until sub-topics with final results in the form of draft resolution, ” he said.

Ica revealed that meeting friends from various countries was the most memorable thing. Moreover, even though the event name only covered Asian region, it turned out that there were delegates from Africa, America, and even Europe.

“Joining MUN was an amazing experience. I did not expect that it would be memorable event for me. At first, I didn’t know anything but then I gained a lot of new insight and experience, “she said. (*)


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