Ari Lasso & Deredia Successfully Entertains FK UNAIR Anniversary

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Ari Lasso UNAIR
Ari Lasso in front of thousands FK UNAIR alumni and students. The former Dewa 19 vocalist entertained audience in the event of “105 Lights in Surabaya’s Sky” celebrating 105th Anniversary of FK UNAIR, Saturday 10 November. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – The night of “105 Lights in Surabaya’s Sky” was held lively on Saturday 10 November. It was held outside the area Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga and the faculty was built in 1913.

There were 3 music bands who participated in this event, Ferina Band (FK Unair), Deredia (Jakarta), and Ari Lasso Band, in that evening they launched online application magazine “Dokter”. Before this event, the magazine was published in printed forms by IKA-FK UNAIR. The magazine will be published in online application, thus everyone can access it easily.

After the concert was officially opened by Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr., SpU (K), Ferina Band, music group from several FK alumni, kicked off the stage. The colorful sparkle of lighting pushed the spirit of Dr. Aucky Hinting., Sp.And., PhD and friends.

As a vocalist, Dr. Soetomo specialized in IVF has successfully sung five songs.  Right from the first song “Yellow” by Coldplay, the audience that mostly FK UNAIR student and alumni enjoyed the music.

FERINA band opened “105 Lights in the Sky of Surabaya” in 105th Anniversary of FK UNAIR celebration concert. Dr. Aucky Hinting, the vocalist sang five songs. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

It was followed by rock music piece, Rolling Stones “Ruby Tuesday”. Although this song is not familiar to youth’s ear nowadays, they quite enjoyed this music. The atmosphere was even warmer when Guns N Roses’ “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” sung by Dr. Aukcy. The audience was really excited.

Then “Separuh Aku” from Noah became the only Indonesian pop sung by Ferina. The last song was “When You Say Nothing At All” from Ronan Keating. After that, there was a vibrant, unified and stunning Saman Dance performance by FK UNAIR students.

For the next performance was Deredia band‘s.. This band plays 1950s music genre and it was formed in 2014. The name Deredia is taken from Flores language, and it means Melodious Strain. The band consists of five Jakarta musicians, Yosua Simanjuntak (guitar), Papa Ical (bass), Raynhard Lewis Pasaribu (pianica and keyboard), Aryo Wicaksono (drums) and “the sassy” vocalist Louise Monique Sitanggang.

Deredia opened with their song “Bersuka ria”. This song was created by Bung Karno and once released on a compilation album in 1965. Followed by “Teman Seperjuangan”, “Ratu Sejagad”, then an old song by Bing Slamet “Nurlela”. It appears, these young people are not “familiar” with the lyrics of these songs. But the dynamic rhythm of  music and the “cheerful” vibes was brought by Louise, the vocalist. Some audience moved their bodies to the music. “Goyang kanan, dan ke kiri, berputar bersama-sama….” Just like in “Lagu Dansa”chorus.

An old song whose arrangements have been modernized, was also delivered. For example “Anak Kambing Saya”, a song created by Ibu Sud from East Nusa Tenggara. Then Deredia ended this concert with Maluku song “Rasa Sayange” created by Paulus Pea.

DEREDIA band in action. Playing songs from 50s, the Jakarta-based band entertained audience in the performances of “105 Lights in the Sky of Surabaya “ 105th Anniversary of FK Unair. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

Then in the peak of concert, there was Ari Lasso and his band. The black costumes dominated Ari Lasso appearance, he is an alumni from Faculty of Economics and Business, UNAIR. Ten of his hit songs managed to cheer up and light up the enthusiastic audience who kept singing along.

“In 1992, I joined UMPTN exam for Faculty of Medical, but failed. Finally, I got accepted in Faculty of Economics and Business. If I got accepted in Faculty of Medical, I will be like all of you” said Ari. “But even though I didn’t become a doctor, I’m proud because I can be here and enliven FK Unair Anniversary. Congratulations for being the best Faculty of Medicine in Indonesia,” said Ari Lasso.

The man who was born in Madiun kicked off the stage with “Mengejar Matahari”. The audience started sing the song. Followed with “Arti Cinta”, “Penjaga Hati”, “Elang”, then “Perbedaan” which was a duet song performed with Sintia.

Every Ari Lasso’s songs is a hit said hundreds of alumni and student of FK Unair. The fans moved and sing along  with Ari. The distinguished guest were Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, Head of SAU UNAIR Prof. Joewono Soeroso, Dean of FK Prof. Soetojo and three Vice Deans of FK, Head of the IKA-FK Dr. Pudjo Hartono, and hundreds of other FK colleagues.

Almost midnight, but the warm atmosphere still continued. The songs were “Rahasia Perempuan”, “Misteri Illahi”, “Patah Hati”, “Hampa”, “Seandainya”, and closed with Dewa 19’s famous song ”Kamulah Satu-satunya” which ended peacefully, safely, and all of the audience were satisfied. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes


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