Cheerleading, New Community from FIB

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UNAIR NEWS – Cheerleading is a performance of athletic skills, jumps, dance and/or chanting. Usually, they lead the crowd in shouting encouragement and supporting a team at sports events.

Some cheerleading movements are usually classified as extreme. There is a movement where someone stands up and then thrown into the air. In doing this movement, surely it takes practice and special skills.

This time UNAIR NEWS had the opportunity to meet Puma Maulana Suryawijaya, Head of Cheerleading Community, to know more about UNAIR Cheerleading.

The Beginning of Formation

Since November 23, 2017, Cheerleading Community has been formed. And only in May it is officially part of the community at FIB.

In the beginning, the cheerleading members were only 5 people then they opened audition for FIB students to join. However, due to lack of enthusiasm, cheerleading opened a wider range of members, for all of UNAIR students.

Until now, the cheerleading community has 20 members from various faculties in UNAIR.

Puma said, cheerleading was formed to accommodate UNAIR students who are interested in the world of cheerleading and those trained students since high school who want to continue cheerleading training.

“We are open for all of UNAIR students, so that they (experienced, ed) can also practice again while studying in university,” explained the English Language and Literature student.

Unique movement

According to Puma, Cheerleading is different from traditional and modern dance since, Cheerleading is a combination of sports with artistic choreography. So we need strong physics and creativity.

Various styles such as stunt, pyramid, jumping, somersault, and arm motion becomes part of Cheerleading.

A stunt is a formation that forms an action of 1 flyer and four bases consists of five people in a group. Four bases consists of five people in one group. Pyramid is a collection of several stunts that hold hands together.

Jumping is a leap movement as a variation in cheerleading. While, arm motion is a hand movement that is carried out when they yelling.

Future Hope

As a new community, Puma said that he wanted Cheerleading to become a large and well-known community, and supported by all parties so, they will be able to make UNAIR proud.

“Our biggest achivement is in national level event. If we get into top five, we will have opportunity to take part in Asian level competitions and even the world,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in his busy schedule, Vice Dean 1 of FIB, Puji Karyanto, S.S., M. Hum., said that he also supports activities in FIB, including the Cheerleading Community.

“We have committed to accommodate every student expression. Moreover, FIB has also set one of the prominent branding about urban cultural studies. So we focus there,” he concluded in an interview. (*)


Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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