Using Voucher, 2018 Medspin’s Registration Go Paperless

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UNAIR NEWS – In previous years, Medspin registration process used paper. This year,  Medspin 2018 committee uses voucher system.

“Using voucher system aimed for reducing the use of paper, with this system the participants can input their own data so the accuracy of the name on the certificate is more assured,” said MEDSPIN 2018 Head, M Abdurrahman Rashid.

MEDSPIN Olympiad consists of 6 round: elimination round, quarter final, semifinal, final and grand final.

The elimination round will be conducted offline in 28 cities and online in 34 provinces across Indonesia as well conducted simultaneously in ASEAN countries on 04 November 2018. As for the next round will be held at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga.

Furthermore, MEDSPIN FK UNAIR also provides preliminary questions from previous years and online try out simulation held twice along with discussion.

Each  team consists of 3 people. Luckily, the exam type comes along with the book that can be used as references for each round and students can browse that on  MEDSPIN FK UNAIR website.

The Olympiad is intended only for high school students majoring in science, but two students from social science and language can also join two other competitions.

“So, the participants gained more knowledge by participating in this Olympiad which is only held once a year by Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Arlangga,” said Abdurrahman.

Author: Sefya H Istighfaricha



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