FIB Students Teach Social Concern through Storytelling

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UNAIR NEWS – Students of Faculty of Humanities (FIB), members of Partner  Village and Urban Community (Deputra) committee BEM FIB UNAIR held a community service activity in RT 1 RW 7 Karang Menjangan, on Sunday, October 28.

The series of activities were held every Sunday, starting from October 28 to November 25.  As an opening, this activity, they taught children through storytelling. The goal is to make children understand more easily the positive values through stories.

“Because storytelling is easier to be understood by children,” explained Intan, the head of the committee of Deputra.

At the opening of Deputra program, the committee deliberately focused the activities on fairy tales by presenting expressive storytellers.

Storytelling as Media Education

The storytelling was even more exciting with the hand puppets played by the Maja community (Imaji Airlangga). In front of dozens of children, they presented the stories of Yuli, Dodi, and Riza’s friendship entitled ‘Social Concern’.

Three hundred and fifty thousand, are you serious Dedi? I don’t want to bother with my tuition problem.

Yes, seriously,  you are my friend, I’m your friend, friends care about the conditions of their friends. So if you’re in trouble, I’ll help. I can ask my parents so you won’t drop out of school.

When listening to excerpts from the conversation between Dodi and Riza, the children were closely paying attention. Even in the question and answer session, they understood well the character, plot, and values delivered by the story.

Head of RT 1 Wiji Lestari said he was happy with the presence of FIB students’ community service in his place. According to him, storytelling can be an effective for character buiding.

“It’s a good story. Children enjoyed it. They need more of this. It is rarely done, such activities. Hopefully this can be continued, and children can be more enthusiastic about learning and less gadgets, “said the garbage bank activist of Karang Menjangan. (*)

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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