Four Chemistry Students Make Achievements with Basil Extract Innovation in Malaysia

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FOUR chemistry students show their work during INIIC program. (Photo: by courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Four Universitas Airlangga chemistry students have got two awards at International Invention and Innovative Competition from their works. The students are Melly Octaviany, Nisa’ur Rosyidah, Wahyu Dwi Novita Sari, and Hanifah Puspita Sari.

Their first work, B-FRESS, received a silver award and their second work, SEBA MASK got bronze. The competition was held on October 19-23, the final was on Saturday, October 20 in Langkawi, Malaysia. The competition was divided into three categories. UNAIR team received both awards in category B (Higher Institution Student) or college students.

“We participated in category B. The coverage was all international students,” said Melly Oktaviany, one of the members, a 2016 chemistry student.

When they were asked further about the work included in the race, Melly explained that B-FRESS (Anti-Stress Body Fragrance Spray) from Basil Plant (Ocimum sanctum L.) is a product in the form of spray to reduce stress levels from basil and aromatherapy leaf extract. “Meanwhile, our second work, SEBA MASK (Seaweed Basil Mask) is a peel off mask from seaweed and basil extract to remove problems on the skin,” explained Melly.

They presented varieties to their products with various variants. B-FRESS has four variants, coffee, mint, jasmine, and chocolate. For SEBA MASK, there are three variants, lemon, honey and chocolate. Melly claimed to have faced difficulties in the research process.

The four chemistry students only have limited funds and they had to find suitable solvents to maximize product yields. The research lasted two months until the product was presented and published through workshops in Malaysia.

“The research process is one of them looking for typical Indonesian plants, but is less attractive to the public. Its abundant existence can be a great potential for product sustainability, “said Melly.

After getting the award, Melly explained that the award was expected to motivate other friends to take part in similar competitions.

“Hopefully our work will not only stop at this phase. But it can be commercialized and bring benefits for the society, “said Melly.



Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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