BEM FKM Removes Students’ Doubt to be Entrepreneurs

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Sarah Keihl at UNAIR
SARAH Keihl shares tips on being a successful businessman. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Nowadays a lot of people try running a business as their side job. Business can be done by all including students. Average student even choose business as an option.

In addition to gaining experience, choosing to do business can also add income. Unfortunately, there are still many students who are hesitant to try their luck a businessman. They have various reasons. Some are afraid of failure, fear of not being able to manage money, or other reasons.

Albert Einstein once said that everyone is destined to be a genius. However, if you judge a fish with its ability to climb trees, throughout the life the fish will believe that this is stupid.

The same thing is applied if you want to be an entrepreneur. Actually the first step to starting a business is to recognize our respective passion .

Therefore, the Ministry of Fund and Business 2018 FKM BEM accommodated the interest of students by holding an Entrepreneurship Festival 2018 (E-Fest) Seminar entitled ” Light Up Your Entrepreneurship Soul ” on Thursday, October 18 in Kahuripan Hall, Level 3, Campus C UNAIR. The seminar presented Ricky Alfaray who is an academic influencer and graduate of Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR as a speaker.

There was also Sarah Keihl who is famous for her business that has been spread across various cities. Sarah Keihl is known to be the CEO of 7 Restaurants.

The three main keys to be a successful businessman like Ricky Alfaray are innovation, business mind, and taking risks. The most basic question on how to start a business, especially for students who are still unfamiliar with the world of entrepreneurship, is what must be done the first time. The answer of the question was as explained earlier, by knowing our passion.

Without understanding self, the business will be difficult to achieve success. Passion is described as a foundation in building a business empire.

“Be proud of yourself. Never give up. Up and down in business is normal. Nothing is easy in achieving success, “Ricky said.

The second session was presented by Sarah Keihl. Sarah is the owner of seven restaurants, KEYLABS in Bali and Malang; ASTEP in Malang; Satan Noodles in Surabaya; Fried Taichan in Surabaya and Malang; and Bangcad Noodles in Jakarta.

Sarah Keihl also talked about “Be Creative”. In her presentation, Sarah said that it is not good to compare self-success with others’. Because, the standard of success of each person is different.

“Rich is not the main standard for success. However, if we are rich financially and thoughtfully, it will feel good, “Sarah stated. (*)


Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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