Introducing Hypnobirthing, UNAIR Midwifery Holds ESTRADIOL 2018

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UNAIR NEWS – Introducing a method of childbirth without pain, Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Medicine (FK) Midwifery students held ESTRADIOL, a seminar and discussion titled “Be Gentle For Your Future Generation” on October 14. The program introduced Hypnobirthing, one of the gentle births, a series of childbirth processes to achieve labor in a calm, gentle way utilizing all natural elements in the human body.

  1. Baksono Winardi, Sp. OG (K), coordinator of Midwifery program, opened a seminar and discussion which presented two speakers, Lanny Kuswandi, CHt, Cl, a midwife, trainer, and founder of hypnobirthingIndonesia, and Fonda Kuswani, Lactation counselors, hypnobirthing trainer, and hypnobreastfeeding & Hypnoparenting.

The seminar chaired by Rara Yumna Elfrida was begun with a description of hypnobirthing in Indonesia today. Lanny explained, more women and their partners are educated and want to know how to have a comfortable and safe childbirth.

“Many pregnant women want to learn because, this digital era, almost all clients who had hypnobirthing shared what they experienced, shared their stories through social media. Thus, my class is always full, “stated Lenny.

Not only giving material about hypnobirthing and the influence of maternal psychic health on childbirth by using this technique, there was also a workshop implementing hypnobirthing for all ESTRADIOL participants. Participants can feel directly how the two presenters perform the technique.

Lanny explained, learning hypnobirthing must be able to relax. One technique is distracting yourself, or moving your focus. So, there will be several techniques that will be put into practice.

“Later we will make Ms. Liva relaxed and the women over there. Please remove the shoes to relax, ”said Lanny.

However, the method of delivery and the psychological condition of the mother greatly affect the quality of the baby’s development before and during labor. Prima Ardiansyah Surya, Head of the FK BEM, said that if the human brain develops 80 percent in the first thousand days of life or 2 years, the next 25 percent until the age of 6 years, and the remaining 5 percent develop until now.

“When attending this event, I remember pediatric lesson I had. Because maternal labor techniques and psychic condition are important, we can prepare the next generation to be better than all of us, “Prima added. (*)


Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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