IKA-UA NTB to Build 100 Shelter in Lombok, and Help Palu through ‘Ksatria Airlangga’ Floating Hospital

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Management of IKA NTB Region in a gathering with Vice Governor of NTB, Sitti Rohmi Djalilah (center) discussing about aid to Lombok earthquake victims. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Board of supervisors, management, and representatives of Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association (IKA-UA) West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Region on Wednesday, October 10 held a meeting with the Vice Governor of NTB, Sitti Rohmi Djalilah in her office. This group was led by the chairman of the Region Prof. Dr. Gatot Dwi Hendro Wibowo, SH., M.Hum.

“He is warm, friendly and fun in discussions,” said Prof. Gatot Dwi Hendro Wibowo after the meeting with the vice governor of NTB Province.

In the meeting, Prof. Gatot Dwi HW was also accompanied by management and members, including Drh. Wahyu Setiawan Y, Drg. Murwani S. M.Kes., Oryza, M.Sosio, Dodi Sambodo, SH., Nila Kusuma, M.Sosio., and Khalifatul S. M.Sosio.

The NTB Vice Governor was also reported on the organization and management of IKA-UA NTB, where its status and existence is based on IKA-UA Central Executive Decree Number 013 / SK / PP IKA UA / SK.VI / 2018 dated 28 June 2018. As of now, IKA-UA NTB is supported by 275 members.

Prof. Gatot Dwi also reported the activities of IKA-UA organization in NTB. First, they held “Caring for Lombok Earthquake” action by organizing Distribution Post for Humanitarian Aid (for East, North and West Lombok). Cooperating with the floating hospital ‘Ksatria Airlangga’ (RST-KA) and other parties and set up a Field Hospital in Bangsal Harbor, and set up a public kitchen post.

Then after the Lombok earthquake, the promoted a social movement with a tagline “Let’s Rebuild Lombok-Sumbawa “. It was realized by establishing a humanitarian aid distribution post. Then thay also fostered assisted village of “KAMPOENG AIRLANGGA” with three cultivated focus areas;  health, education and economics.

“For the target villages, five were proposed, Banyu Urip-Gerung, Batulayar, Gunungsari, Lingsar, and Narmada Villages. In addition, they also organized clean water piping, ” added Prof. Gatot Dwi.

Action for disaster victims in Lombok was not over, but earthquake and tsunami hit Palu, Central Sulawesi. For this reason the NTB management and members of the IKA-UA also held a fundraising for Palu and collected Rp. 16,200,000. It is believed that it is increasing until the aid is distributed on 15 October 2018 through ‘Ksatria Airlangga’ RST bank account.

Regarding the donation, Prof. Gatot as the Regional chairman of IKA-UA NTB also expressed his gratitude and profound appreciation to members of NTB Region IKA-UA Family who have sympathized and donated part of their sustenance to help others who are currently in trouble, including for Palu and Donggala in Central Sulawesi.


NTB Vice Governor Sitti Rohmi Djalilah also expressed her gratitude and appreciation for members of NTB Region IKA-UA who were pleased to stay in touch by bringing elements as a social organization.

“Moreover, IKA-UA came up with a concept and even took action to the field and gave humanitarian aid to care for the earthquake and after the earthquake in Lombok, continued it in villages,” Vice Governor Sitti RD praised.

At this moment the NTB government focused on completing the fault area mapping and landslide-prone areas. Such areas, according to Vice Governor, really need treatments. Then they build 11,000 shelters, while at this time only 800 shelters have been built.

“So we still needs a lot of them. Please IKA-UA NTB choose to build 125 shelters in Lopok Aur (North Lombok District) or 85 shelters in Penenggak, or 100 Huntara in Kampung Duduk, Batulayar Barat (Lobar). If not all, please start it, according to the available funds,” said the Vice Governor.

Based on recommendation of Vice Governor of NTB, IKA-UA NTB is expected to realize the building  process of 100 shelters, gradually in the village of Kampung Duduk, West Batulayar, in West Lombok.

“At the same time it can be used as a Foster Village” KAMPOENG AIRLANGGA “by the IKA-UA NTB Region,” said Vice Governor Sitti Rohmi.

IKA-UA is moving fast. On Sunday, October 14 2018, the IKA-UA NTB team will conduct a site review to Kampung Duduk Village, West Batulayar, West Lombok. The goal is to survey the location of the affected and distribute the basic food packages. Bravo IKA-UA NTB. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes



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