Faculty of Ners UNAIR Creates Tourist Area called Kampung Pelangi in Surabaya

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UNAIR NEWS – Considering the problems such as garbage, pollution, traffic jam and also overcrowded urban neighborhood, pushing the student of nursing Universitas Airlangga create an innovation. They create Kampung Pelangi at RT03 RW04 Kelurahan Kendangsari, On Sunday (7/10).

This program is a form of community service themed “Kelurahan Kendangsari Menuju Kampung Pelangi Surabaya sebagai Upaya Perbaikan Lingkungan Kota Melalui Strategi Kampung Kreatif”/(Kelurahan Kendangsari Towards Colorful Neighborhood Surabaya as an Environment Restoration through Creative Idea) and conducted by  Mental and Community Nursing Department.

This program led by Elida Ulfiana, S.Kep., Ners., M. Kep., and Eka M. Ns., M.Kep as an advisor.

This innovation comes based on problems of garbage and overcrowded urban houses that makes unbeautiful neighborhood. For that, the lecture and student of Faculty of Ners along with the local people decorate the neighborhood environment to the colorful thing.

Kelurahan Kendangsari is chosen since it is a former fostered area of UNAIR community service UNAIR. The more problems are in this area there are no trash can and unbeautiful wall yet the local people have great willingness to change the neighborhood better.

In realizing the Kendangsari as kampong pelangi, there are five stages of piloting. First, identification creative ideas which is the idea presented by the initiator. Second, the realization of ideas. The initiator socializes kampung pelangi to the people around.

“Community service is carried out every Sunday by painting monuments, store, tombs, walls  and painting decorations such as tampah  and camping that written I love Kendangsari, Kendangsari Penuh Warna, dan Kampung Pelangi Kendangsari,”  Elida said.

the colorful creation by the local people. (Photo by: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi)

Furthermore, the third stage is strengthening ideas. FKp partnered with related agencies such as the Sanitation Office of Surabaya, which helps donate ornamental plants and compost, Surabaya Waste Bank which helps manage waste, collaborates with Small Medium Enterprise (UKM)  for training in Chibori dye batik, and paint companies such as Avian and Nippon Paint.

The fourth stage, the determination of space or base. The coordination to find out home base for conducting meeting about kampung pelangi for the next.

The fifth stage, evaluation. In the future, Kampung Pelangi will be managed independently by the local people.

Elida hopes, this activity as an initiation to a creative village, one of them is like the colorful village called Jodipan in Malang.

“The requirement is to have continuity with the local people, environmental hygiene behavior, so that many other people can visit. The people’s economy must also be lifted, with the potential that exists like Batik Chibori, ” she explained.

Chibori is a coloring art from Japan combined with batik by sasiringan and color dyeing techniques. (*)

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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