SES Germany Advises Curriculum Redesigning at Faculty of Vocational Studies

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ANKE Ohmstede at UNAIR
ANKE Ohmstede (center) speaks at Faculty of Vocational Studies of Universitas Airlangga before she returned to Germany on Thursday, October 4. (Photo: Binti Q. Masruroh)

UNAIR NEWS – Anke Ohmstede said goodbye to officials of Universitas Airlangga after staying for about four weeks in Indonesia. In that period, Anke had a lot of discussions, gave inputs, held seminars, and guest lectures with academics who were concerned with vocational education.

Anke is part of German Senior Experten Service (SES). It is a German institution that offers retired experts interested in sharing their knowledge to others abroad and in Germany. As voluntary experts, they support further education or education for experts and managerial staff.

One of the goals of Anke’s arrival at UNAIR was to redesign the curriculum of Faculty of Vocational Studies. It was as explained by Vice Dean I of Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR Prof. Dr. Retna Apsari, M.Si to UNAIR NEWS on Thursday, October 4 in a farewell and hospitality event between Anke and the officials of Faculty of Vocational Studies.

Prof. Retna said that while in UNAIR Anke gave a lot of inputs related to the curriculum in Faculty of Vocational Studies. One of Anke’s recommendation is that Faculty of Vocational Studies should not ‘walk’ using competencies towards scientific approach, but rather towards practical direction.

“She (Anke, ed) made two programs. If it is implemented( at Faculty of Vocational Studies, ed) the curriculum will be 321. That is, 3 at workplace, 2 in the field, and 1 internship, “explained Prof. Retna.

Because of this recommendation, Vice Rector I Prof. Djoko Santoso invited Anke to come back to UNAIR next year. Not only providing input for Faculty of Vocational Studies, but also for other faculties. For example, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Community Health, Faculty of Nursing, even UNAIR Hospital.

Prof. Retna revealed that the presence of Anke and SES Germany is expected to improve the vocational education at UNAIR to achieve quality of international standards.

“It (Faculty of Vocational Studies, ed) is not a scientific faculty, but a skill faculty. Practicality is important. About 70 percent should be practices. If we adhere to this concept, our graduates’ quality will be able to compete abroad, “explained Prof Retna. (*)


Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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