dr Miftah makes the list of Top 100 Medical and Health Sciences Scientist 2022

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Muhammad Miftahussurur dr MKes SpPD KGEH PhD, one of the researchers in Top 100 Medical and Health Sciences Scientist 2022 (photo: detik.com)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga academicians have made another international achievement. One of its best researchers, Muhammad Miftahussurur dr MKes SpPD KGEH PhD has made the list of Top 100 Medical and Health Sciences Scientist 2022 by Alper-Doger (AD) Scientific Index.

The medical doctor, also the Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Digitalization, and Information, has focused most of his research on helicobacter pylori bacteria. “The bacteria affects stomach diseases, ulcers, and stomach cancer,” he said.

Other than researching bacteria in the stomach, dr Miftah develops molecular epidemiology, immunology, and therapy management studies. Therapy management, most importantly, is essential for dr Miftah.

As an internal medicine clinician, dr. Miftah also studies governance management, such as therapy management. He also studies microbiota, which has been carried out since three or four years ago.

“Based on the improving data and theory, micro bacteria are other bacteria in the stomach, so some other researchers and I researched microbiota. We also aim to emphasize to the community that UNAIR is one of the leading centers of helicobacter pylori and microbiota,” he said.

Memorable research

Among his various researches, there are two most memorable ones to dr Miftah. One was simple research and the other one was his first research.

“When writing about the epidemiological molecule helicobacter pylori in Indonesia, my examiners considered my writing was too simple. Then I said that many Indonesian researchers have published about helicobacter pylori. Among these studies, some had different data and caused controversy,”  revealed dr Miftah.

From that issue, dr Miftah then considered that previous research data was not entirely correct. dr Miftah then keeps on doing similar research. The studies continued to develop.

The first research from dr Miftah was also memorable to him. At first, his article was rejected by a journal institution. However, it was then accepted by another institution.

“But I felt that my article was worthless because it has been rejected and the writing quality was not very good, and it seemed generic,” explained dr Miftah.

Although dr Miftah was not very content, his article has the highest citation. dr Miftah then changed his way of thinking.

“Many people accept generic journal articles, so it could also be beneficial to the community, especially young and beginner researcher,” said dr Miftah.

Author: Fauzia Gadis Widyanti

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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