UNAIR FEB Alumnus establishes tax consulting company and provides 100 million in scholarship money

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Sunarto, Artax Chief Executive Offiicer. (Photo: Personal documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Sunarto, UNAIR FEB (Faculty of Economics and Business) alumnus, has become Chief Executive Officer of Artax Tax Consultant in Surabaya. His party also provide scholarship for students. The struggle to reach this achievement was not easy.

Sunarto paved his career in taxation by joining the most prominent Indonesian tax consultant firm in February 2003 while finishing his bachelor’s study in UNAIR. However, a throwback to 22 years ago, he said he could not continue to higher education because of financial difficulty after graduating high school.

“Before having the determination, I was close with agricultural drugs that smells very strong,” said the man born in Nganjuk.

He worked as a shopkeeper of his uncle’s agriculture shop and slept on ground mats on the floor. Related to that, Sunarto said that a quiet shop is a common thing to see daily.

It became a turning point for Sunarto. He wanted to improve his life through education. However, his decision to go to college was controversial in Sunarto’s family environment.

His uncle often said that many bachelors have mundane jobs. But, Sunarto took this as the fuel of spirit to change their views.

He believed that education could change his life, especially when he loves to study. His parents also sell some of his valuable things for the college fund. Amidst the journey of finishing the thesis and working, Sunarto had to learn to let go of his passing mother.

“One Thursday I got my schedule for thesis defense, and right on Sunday, Allah loved my mother more and lessened her pain. Actually, her voice was clearly heard in his head, she said she would see me in the thesis defense, well… Mother is watching but from a better place, God’s willing,” revealed Sunarto.

This story of his life journey shaped Sunarto’s mentality until he decided to resign from his previous firm to establish a tax consultant company called ARTAX.

“ARTAX means the nature of life in prosperity, the first bachelor from a small village in Nganjuk’s dream who has his own office,” he explained.

Furthermore, about the scholarships, Sunarto stated that this is a form of his contribution to education.

“At first, I wanted to build a tax and accounting school, like Artax School Free of Cash. But in reality, it was not easy. So I just prepared 100 million in scholarship money for five students. Then we will also provide knowledge to the awardee,” he stated.

Author: Viradyah Lulut Santosa

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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