UNAIR students win Best Presentation at International Jakarta Economic Forum 2022

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UNAIR International Relations team. (Photo: Ghulam Phasa)

UNAIR NEWS – Three Ksatria Airlangga (UNAIR students) have gained good reputation for Universitas Airlangga’s internationally. Rifqi Dirga Syahputra, Dea Viona Ivanka, and Diva Shitarani have won Best Presentation in International Jakarta Economic Forum 2022.

With a title: Solve as Strategic and Innovative Venture Capital to Support Indonesia’s Small and Medium Enterprises Amidst The COVID-19 Economy Recovery, they proposed an application to attract investors to invest in the MSME sector. Dirga as the team leader, admitted that the application idea was taken from Santara and Star Engine applications with a similar mechanism as Solve, the application they propose in their article.

“We (talked) about investment, about social issues, and we want leadership. That’s why we created Social and Leadership Investment Solve,” Dirga explained.

The competition held by Indonesia Banking School took five months from the registration day to the winner announcement. Registration, abstract submission and judging were done in November 2021. Afterwards, qualifying teams in December must participate in a technical meeting in the same month. Every team was given time until February 2022 to develop their abstract into a complete scientific article. The article was then presented in March of the same year.

To achieve success, Dirga said that they had faced struggles. He explained that the article development once went into a vacuum period because his teammates were busy with final exams. He also said that there are ups and downs in participating in the competition.

“At first, our morale was high when our abstract was accepted but then we were tired because each of us had something to do. The challenge was how we maintain our morale,” Diva expressed.

For participating the competition, the three students have different motivations. Beside making the parents proud, Diva explains that such competition makes their CV look good. On the other hand, Dirga said that their achievements are proof of international relations stigma.

“This is the proof from international relations multidiscipline,” Dirga emphasised.

At the end, one of them gave a message for those starting a competition career. “Don’t be afraid to compete and, what is most important is our desire to start and try,” said Dirga.

Author: Ghulam Phasa P Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia

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