UNAIR launches integrated website access for academicians

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CAK UNAIR login page view. (Personal Documents)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga has launched a feature of the ease on activities of the academic community in accessing various campus-owned websites. Through the Directorate of Information Systems and Digitalization (DSID), UNAIR initiated the Central Authentication Key (CAK) on cak.unair.ac.id page.

The Head of DSI’s System Development division Rachman Sinatriya M BEng MSc explained the name was chosen because it contains local Surabaya culture significance. Cak locally means brother.

“DSI team chose the name CAK because it sounds local,” he said.

The website emerged from the initiation of the DSI System Development team to connect management information system from institutions and faculties in UNAIR, especially for academic communities’ accounts.

“Previously, a lecturer complained to us because UNAIR has many websites that require them login back and forth. We initiate CAK to address the issue,” he said.

1 Login for every account

Menu layout on the home page will adjust the position of the academicians. Rachman added that the website had become a door that directly connects to all academic communities’ needs. For example, for administrative staff there is integrated access to VPN activation access, dashboard, email, E-Office, Helpdesk (complaint), finance, Language Center (Pusba) ELPT, and administrative staff account.

“In the future, we only need one-time login to access everything. Because this website is based on Single Sign-On using the cyber account,” he mentioned.


“For now, there are users from the library and Pusba. In the future, there may be FK who will ask to connect their management information system,” he stated.

Short-term development will be done by renewing the page view (user interface). The goal is to have more attractive and less stiff interface.

“Website layout will still be developed. Perhaps later, the name will also change. Later, with leadership’s approval,” he added.

CAK UNAIR Website is systematically ready to use. However, the team also keeps developing from the page view side.

Author: Azhar Burhanuddin

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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