Preparing for the professional world through professional tests

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UNAIR NEWS – Nowadays, the professional world cannot be compared with the professional world in the past. Before the internet exists, it was challenging to find information about work or to find out what news is currently in or trending.

People have been facilitated by a technology called the internet. All information can be reached with just one click on their smartphone.

With the internet, all work is easy and can be done anytime and anywhere. As with the procurement of a professional certification body (LSP) by HIMA MB (Banking Management Student Association) UNAIR. LSP was held online due to the Covid-19.

LSP organized online with direct guidance from lecturers in Universitas Airlangga, Dr. Fitri Ismiyanti, SE., Msi. The delivery of the material is done several hours before the test. Previously, LSP participants received H-2 material before the exam, which was sent directly by one of Universitas Airlangga staff to each participant.

The event started with the introduction of LSP, delivery of material, questions and answers, and immediately continues with the LSP test. The test consists of several questions related to the material presented by the supervisor.

Furthermore, the event organized with the aim that D3 Banking Management students can pass and get a professional certification which can be useful for their CV in the future.

“In my opinion, LSP or professional test for D3 students is a form of debriefing and student assessment in the final semester. By participating in this professional certification, students are expected to become intermediate expert graduates who are ready to enter the professional world, “said Dila, Head of LSP 2020.

Disa, as one of LSP exam participants, said that the theme was Credit Risk Modeling organized by FEB UNAIR for HIMA Banking Management Scientific work program. This time of LSP exam was classified as basic knowledge about the professional world.

“Even though the event conducted online, it does not make the event difficult. I’m impressed with this event, and I’m ready to take the next certification,” continued Disa.

Author: Eka Febyanti

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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