The effectiveness of hydroxyapatite from crab shells in increasing the area of bone trabeculae

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Tooth extraction can cause alveolar bone resorption of 1.5 – 2 mm in the vertical direction and 40% -50% in the horizontal direction for six months if left unchecked. Most of this process takes place in the first three months. Bone resorption will complicate prosthodontic treatment. Preservation of the socket in the tooth socket after extraction can reduce the problem of excessive resorption. Crab shell (Portunus pelagicus) has the potential to be a source of hydroxyapatite biomaterial used as socket preservation. Before clinical application, crab shells must be tested in vivo in Wistar rats. This study aims to prove the effectiveness of hydroxyapatite from crab shells in increasing the area of ​​bone trabeculae, TGF-β, and ALP.

Wistar rats were divided into two control groups and two treatment groups with Hydroxyapatite gel from crab shells (Portunus pelagicus) on the 14th day and 28th day after the extraction of rat teeth. The hydroxyapatite synthesis process is carried out by heating at a temperature of 1000 ° C for 2 hours until it becomes a powder. Hydroxyapatite powder is added with carrageenan and water to form a gel preparation. Hydroxyapatite gel was injected with a syringe as deep as ± 3mm until the gel-filled the extraction socket in the treatment group. The trabecular area was analyzed by HE staining, and ALP and TGF expression were analyzed by IHC staining. The results of the study were analyzed using One-way Anova.

The results of the analysis with the One-way ANOVA test on trabecular area, TGF-β, and ALP between the control group and the treatment group showed that p

From this study, it can be concluded that hydroxyapatite from the crab shell (Portunus pelagicus) can increase the area of ​​trabeculae, TGF-β, and ALP in the socket after extraction of Wistar rat teeth.

Author: Michael Josef Kridanto Kamadjaja Link:

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