UNAIR following up on Daffa Dzaki’s complaint regarding change in rapid test result

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The medical team provides rapid test services to 2020 UTBK participants. (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

UNAIR NEWS – In the 3rd day of UNAIR UTBK on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, there was a complaint from Daffa Dzaki on social media. In his Instagram account, Daffa said his rapid test result letter from the committee was changed, after he was examined for rapid test in the Postgraduate School Management Masters lobby.

As a response, Head of the Central UTBK committee Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Prof. Junaidi Khotib S.Si, Apt., M. Kes., Ph.D confirmed that Daffa Dzaki was listed as a UTBK participant with Participant Number 120-381-11-0690 scheduled to take the exam at 2:00 pm at Faculty of Law (FH) Computer Laboratory I Campus B UNAIR. On Tuesday, 7 July 2020 at 08.20, Daffa conducted a rapid test at Campus B UNAIR as a requirement to take UTBK. After 15 minutes, Daffa received the non-reactive result letter signed by Dr. Masrudrotul Ilmiah as PLK UNAIR doctor. Then Daffa left the location because his exam was in the afternoon at exactly 14.00.

However, at 09.00, the test officer found a change in his test result and showed reactive result. The committee also contacted and tracked him, but he could not be reached.

“So normally the results of a rapid test can come out within 10-15 minutes. Similar to the rapid test conducted by Daffa, the results came out within 10-15 minutes. But the committee also did not expect that 30 minutes later the results of his rapid test would become reactive, “said Prof. Junaedi.

At 13.00, Daffa returned to Campus B UNAIR to take the UTBK and show the results of the rapid test that he had received this morning to the exam supervisor. Then one of the examiners asked the person to go to the rapid test room and meet Dr. Masrudrotul Ilmiah and receive notice that his non-reactive result became reactive. Daffa was then asked not to take the exam that day and returned back home for independent isolation.

Prof. Junaidi said that all committee decisions were made based on the Covid-19 preventive protocol procedure and the rules issued by the LTMPT (Higher Education Entrance Test Institute). The change in status of the Daffa’s rapid test was purely based on the factual result of his test, in the MM Lobby of Postgraduate School.

Since Daffa uploaded the story on Instagram, the committee tried to contact Daffa via telephone. Then the next day on Wednesday morning Prof. Junaidi took action by contacting the parents and meeting them to give an explanation related to the test results.

The parents went to UNAIR and met the committee at ACC to ask about problem and the father has been well informed.

“In principle, the committee and family are very supportive so Daffa can take the test in the second phase of UTBK exam,” said Prof. Junaidi.

During the meeting, UNAIR explained that the purpose of postponing the exam was to protect the person so that he was in good health while conducting the exam, as well as providing an explanation to reschedule Daffa UTBK test to phase II based on the provisions and rules of the 2020 UTBK. Daffa’s parents were grateful and agreed about Daffa’s participation in phase 2.

“The UNAIR UTBK Committee was trying its best to serve UTBK participants in accordance with LTPMT regulations. Also, to fulfill the mayor’s circular regarding the requirement of rapid test. UNAIR organized free rapid test for participants who are difficult to get access to rapid test, “said the Head of UNAIR UTBK Committee.

Meanwhile, Dr. Suko Widodo, M.Si., as the head of Center for Information and Public Relations (PIH) appealed to the participants to follow the established UTBK schedule. UNAIR provides free rapid test facilities to participants who need it.

“Do not let participants fail to come for the exam because they are constrained by rapid tests,” he said.

Besides, Dr. Suko hoped that all parties would not make a scene and could provide peace and support to children who would become the next generation of the nation. “We must give encouragement and support to these children to study, they are the future of Indonesia,” said Dr. Suko

For any participants who find it difficult and confused to information about UTBK, participants can contact UNAIR UTBK hotline. The committee will make the best efforts in providing services to the UTBK participants.

Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

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