Motivation sharing, UNAIR encouraged to produce industrial-based research

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Dr. Ir Sigit P. Santosa, MSME, Sc.D, IPU during presentation in Building Innovation Research for Industrial Applications at Dialoog Hotel Banyuwangi on Monday, January 27, 2020. (Photo: Khefti Al Mawalia)

UNAIR NEWS – To improve the university’s industrial innovation research, Universitas Airlangga invited a Director of Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development from Bandung Institute of Technology. Being held at Dialoog Hotel Banyuwangi, January 27, Dr. Ir Sigit P. Santosa, MSME, Sc.D, IPU gave a presentation on Building Innovation Research for Industrial Applications guided by Dr. Nisful Laila SE., M.Com as Vice Dean III FEB.

In his presentation, Dr. Sigit explained a brief description of the research ecosystem in ITB. He also explained briefly about innovation research abroad. It aims to harmonize sustainable work. According to him, in producing innovation research, universities must also look at industry 4.0 in the future.

“To build industry 4.0, it takes entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers to be able to balance each other,” he explained.

Furthermore, research priorities need to be built first so the research and implementation process can be focused, efficient and productive. “If researchers do all kinds of demands from the three Tridharma of the university, I think it will be heavy and will not be focused, so for that reason, it is also necessary to do research identification,” he added.

So far, almost all national needs have been imported, so to meet market needs, it is necessary to have an institution for commercialization of innovation research products, such as for fulfilling patent licenses, operational partnerships, joint venture companies (JVs), and building startups or innovation-based tenants in supporting industry-based innovation research in higher education institutions.

Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

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