Administrators and supervisors gain insight on bureaucratic simplification

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Drs. Zaenal Arifin from the Personnel Division, Ministry of Education and Culture talks on how to simplify the bureaucracy. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – “Career Development Post Bureaucratic Simplification at State Universities as Legal Entities” was the final discussion in the Work Meeting – FGD for Administrators and Supervisors of Universitas Airlangga. As a speaker, Drs. Zaenal Arifin from the Personnel Division of Ministry of Education and Culture.

Being held at Ballroom of Illira Hotel on Monday evening, January 27, Zaenal began the discussion by showing PAN & RB Ministrial Regulation Number 28/2019 concerning the scope of equalization of positions in government agencies. In the regulation, equalization of positions divided into positions of administrator, supervisor, and executive.

In simplifying it, he said, there are several things that can be agreed upon together. One of them, Zaenal added, the existence of the criteria for the position that can be considered not to be adjusted. For example, a position that has duties and functions as the head of a work unit with authority and responsibility to use budget or goods and services.

“Furthermore, those with duties and functions relating to authority, legalization, approval, document approval or territorial authority, such as the head of office or the technical unit, sub-district head and village head, “he explained.

Zaenal also explained about the requirements of equalization of positions for civil servants with administration level III, IV, & V. He also explained the mapping and steps of equalization, such as identification of positions, mapping of positions and administrative positions, and mapping of functional positions.

“In addition, there are alignment of class positions and alignment of benefits,” he said.

In the end, before closing the presentation, Zaenal said about the follow-up after simplifying the bureaucracy. Five follow-up actions include organizational roles’ adjustment, changes in work patterns, formation structuring and position mapping, developing managerial leadership competencies for functional officials, and performance management.

The winners of poster contest. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

After the presentation, the event continued with the announcement of the poster winners. From the ten poster teams that presented their posters, the best five got the awards. The best poster was won by University Secretariat, followed by FEB, the Directorate of Human Resources, FH, and finally FKM.

Each poster team winner received an award which was presented by the HR Director Dr. Purnawan Basundoro M.Hum., who also closed the Work Meeting – FGD for Administrators and Supervisors.

“Let’s start 2020 with enthusiasm and continue to be solid team,” said Purnawan while closing the activity.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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