UNAIR lecturer discusses the importance of knowledge sharing in libraries

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Lecturer Fitri Mutia, Aks., M.Si., reviewed the importance of Knowledge Sharing for an organization in its scientific research. She mentioned the activity was important to improve one’s way of thinking in the organization.

Fitri said various changes that occur in the current information age require an organization to manage the knowledge it possesses (Knowledge Management, ed). “Mainly in services such as libraries, organizations must develop effective Knowledge Sharing activities,” she said.

Through a study conducted by Mutia and the team using the case study method, it was discovered that librarians have different behaviours when conducting Knowledge Sharing activities. The difference in behavior emerged from the attitude of librarians in assessing Knowledge Sharing activities.

“Some librarians have the intention and awareness to share their knowledge. It is important to foster ideas and innovations for libraries through Knowledge Sharing activities,” she said.

Fitri revealed that not many individuals are aware of the importance of applying Knowledge Sharing. In practice, some individuals are reluctant to share knowledge even though the ease of communication has supported it.

Meanwhile, communication between individuals when sharing knowledge is considered to be the key to the success of Knowledge Sharing. “Effective knowledge sharing between individuals depends on how each individual does it,” she said.

Knowledge-sharing activities in an organization do not always run smoothly. The success of Knowledge Sharing in organization depends on the attitude and willingness of individuals to share.

“The biggest difficulty in Knowledge Sharing is changing the behavior of individuals themselves. People rationally consider the implications of their actions before finally deciding to engage in certain behaviors, “concluded Fitri. (*)

Author: Erika Eight Novanty

Editor : Nuri Hermawan

Reference : mutia, fitri and Rini, Widi Listiyas, “Librarian Knowledge Sharing Behavior in University Library” (2018). Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal). 2599. 

Link :  https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/libphilprac/2599

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