Nada, Completing her Double Degree Program in Netherlands and Travelling Around Europe

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QATRUNNADA Rahmadhani after graduation at Saxion University, Netherlands. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Qatrunnada Ramadhani or familiarly called Nada finished her double degree program at Saxion University, Deventer, Netherlands on Thursday, July 18. Student of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) majoring in studies at Saxion University majored in International Finance and Accounting.

“So, I got my bachelor degrees in UNAIR for three years and taking 120 credits, then continued at Saxion University for one year by taking 60 credits, including thesis,” Nada explained.

By taking a double degree, Nada automatically gets two titles at the same time. Namely, S.A or Bachelor of Accounting and BSc or Bachelor of Science.

She also obtained a high score of GPA. From a scale of 1-10 set by Saxion University, Nada managed to achieve a GPA of 8.3.

Meanwhile, the thesis entitled “The Influence of Brexit on Foreign Direct Investment in The United Kingdom with a case study of Unilever’s Headquarter in London, England.” Taking a big topic about Brexit (the event of the exit of the United Kingdom (EU) from European Union (EU), ed) is mainly related to its application to foreign direct investment or often called FDI.

“Because of Brexit, foreign investors reject the risk to be disinvested from UK. Moreover, major investors are inventoried from UK so that it will have a big influence on the economy in the UK. Initially, UK became the number one investment destination in Europe, and Germany could shift it because of Brexit,” explained Nada.

Besides, the most exciting experience for Nada was precisely about her activities during the holiday in there. By studying and living in Netherlands, Nada had the opportunity to travel around Europe. Furthermore, traveling between countries in there do not need a visa and uses one currency, the euro.

The student orientation period in there is different from Indonesia. In here, the orientation period called “Hoi Day” was filled with exciting activities such as barbecue, team games, pub crawl, and silent disco.  

“From the event (Moi Day, ed), I got closer with students from Netherlands and various countries,” said Nada.

In the future, Nada wants to continue her master’s degree at Utrecht University next year and to find a part-time job during her time in university.

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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