FKM PSDKU 2017 Holds an Entrepreneurship Bazaar

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Photo with 2017 student of FKM PSDKU after Entrepreneurship Bazaar. (Photo: Courtesy)
Photo with 2017 student of FKM PSDKU after Entrepreneurship Bazaar. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – 2017 Student of Public Health Study Program, Off Main Study Program Campus (PSDKU) of Universitas Airlangga held an Entrepreneurship Bazaar. Located at Sobo PSDKU Banyuwangi Campus, the event held last week went smoothly. Despite the weather, the activities that began at three in the afternoon were very lively.

Entrepreneurship Bazaar is the final project of Integration Entrepreneurship course trained FKM students to implement integrated business with health. The bazaar showed a variety of products from 8 different fields.

At the event, it was opened directly with Dr. Mohammad Zainal Fatah, Drs., M.Si., M.Kes as Head of Public Health Study Program in PSDKU Banyuwangi. In his speech, he expressed a form of appreciation for students innovation.

“I appreciate this bazaar because students can apply their knowledge in the business world,” he said.

In the bazaar, each group showed their effort in promoting the business result they had designed. There

were several exhibitions stands including PUJEDOT (Healthy Herbal Pudding) from the Department of Reproductive Health (PT. SIXERIA), OBTIMUSS (Lemongrass Anti Mosquito Repellent) Department of Epidemiology (PT. SAFAWA), Re-book (Recycle Book) Department of Environmental Health (CV. KUWUNG), PRANNKT (Anti Gadget Addiction Program) Department of Health & Behavioral Sciences (PT. Berkah Santosa),

Then, Teenage Health Application from Department of Biostatistics & Population (PT. SIK-WANGI), Basic Administration and Health Policy Administration Department (PT. YASIN), PPE Provider Services (Personal Protective Equipment) Department of Health & Safety (PT. PAYUNG SHADY). Also, Nutrition Special Fruit Salad (CV. MASTER SUN).

Besides, there are also various types of takjil snack. The bazaar activity ended at five in the afternoon. At the end of his speech, Zainal Fatah expressed his hope for students to continue this bazaar program.

“Hopefully this program will continue and be sustainable, especially in the development of each business, ” he concluded (*)

Author: Athiya Adibatul Wasi

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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