Giving Back During Ramadan, Dharma Wanita UNAIR Distributes Staple Food Packages

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UNAIR NEWS – The work of community service continues to be carried out by Universitas Airlangga as part of Tri Dharma of higher education implementation. One of them was conducted by UNAIR through Dharma Wanita organization this year.

This time, community service agenda was in the form of staple food packages distributed to the poor. One thousand basic food packages were distributed by the organization of UNAIR Rector wife, Vice Rector, and academic staff around UNAIR. The donation was given at Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) on Wednesday, May 15.

In the event entitled Submission of 1440 H Ramadan Staple Package, Dharma Wanita UNAIR collaborated with BNI 46. Until now, BNI 46 became a strategic cooperation partner for UNAIR.

Head of UNAIR Dharma Wanita Ms. Gusmaniarti Kusnanto, M. Pd., In her presentation conveyed UNAIR’s commitment to helping the surrounding community. Previously, Dharma Wanita UNAIR held a similar activity. This year the number of packages distributed has increased.

“So, today we are giving back staple food packages to the community around the campus,” he said.

“They are also indirectly for those who also support UNAIR,” she added.

“We distribute food packages to them (the community, ed) consisting of basic staple food. Such as rice, sugar, instant noodles, tea, and cooking oil,” he said.

“We distributed the packages for cleaning staff in UNAIR, both units, faculties, and institutions in UNAIR. Also the community in the areas of Pacar Keling, Mulyorejo, Karang Menjangan, Airlangga, and several other areas around UNAIR, “he added.

KETUA Dharma Wanita UNAIR Ny. Gusmaniarti Kusnanto, M. Pd., menyerahkan paket sembako kepada perwakilan Panti Ridhotul Janah. (Foto: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i)
Head of UNAIR Dharma Wanita Ms. Gusmaniarti Kusnanto, M. Pd., handed a package of basic staple food to the representative of Panti Ridhotul Janah. (Photo: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i)

The food was handed over to various parties. 160 packages were distributed to all faculties in UNAIR. For details, 21 FST packages; 16 FKM packages; 10 FKH packages; 5 Postgraduate packages; 9 FIB packages; 31 FEB packages; 7 FF packages; 8 FKG packages; 8 FKp packages; 9 FPK packages; 16 FH packages; and 20 FISIP.

Includes 16 packages for Nuruzaman Mosque; 8 Ulul Azmi Mosque; 8 Campus Park A; 14 Campus Parks B; and 28 for Campus C.

“In the surrounding area, Mojo area is 75 packages, Karmen (Karangan Menjangan, ed) 25 packages, Pacar Keling 51 packages, Mulyorejo 50 packages, Kedung Tarukan 33 packages, Kedung Sroko 50 packages,” she said.

“This includes institution and foundation. For example, Panti Ridhotul Janah has 25 packages, “he added.

Meanwhile, UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih SE., M.T., Ak., CMA. In his speech, UNAIR was committed to helping the community. Previously, UNAIR handed over scholarships to elementary school students in several sub-districts in Surabaya. Especially in UNAIR campus environment.

Hopefully, this can strengthen all of us to contribute to the nation and community “he said. In this month of Ramadan, he continued, sharing and devoting support our worship as Muslims. It is expected to ease community needs.

“Thank you for BNI 46 as our strategic partner. Hopefully, this can give us kindness and blessing, “he said. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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