Doing Exercise Affects Dental and Oral Health

UNAIR NEWS – Do you know that doing exercise affects oral health. Indeed, it is not the only determining factor. However, regular exercise, adjusted to the age, can determine one’s oral health. It was based on research from lecturers and researchers of the Department of Oral Biology, Faculty of Dental…

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HEBAT is an acronym of characters expected from a student of Universitas Airlangga. HEBAT campaign is expected to inspire the students, especially freshmen, to build their characters, either during their studies in UNAIR or even after they are graduated from UNAIR.

HEBAT stands for Humble-Honestly; Excellent; Brave; Agile; and Transcendent.

Presents scientific articles written by researchers of Universitas Airlangga. The articles are from researches published in Scopus indexed international journals and ideas of faculty members on the latest trending issues.

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